Cairns (Australia travel diaries part 2)

December 15, 2015

Day 4:
It was finally time to say goodbye to Gold Coast after what it seemed like years waiting in the airport.   The sky was dark and  gloomy. Definitely bad weather. It was a bumpy ride in the coach but for the first time in life I got to see drizzle on the window of a plane while it was flying. I know its kind of silly but I was elated with joy like a little kid :P .
Hello Cairns!!
A melancholic Cairns welcomed us. But I was determined to turn it happy. Wanna know how?? Prayers. :P . Oh dear Lord please make it sunny please..don't let this rain ruin my trip. _/\_(Yea I'm in a total mood to fool around right now). And what else? God heard my prayers and tadaa it was sunny.

Yeah right!! I'm selfie obsessed :P

So tonight we had the Tjapukai show on the list. It's a show by the aboriginals of Australia. They tell you interesting stuff about their tribe,the jungle,their way of living like how they hunt and light fire and they'll teach you some of their songs too and you can definitely dance. It's a fun-filled show unlike what I expected. You get to see them play the didgeridoo, get your face painted, eat kangaroo and emu entrée. Complementary drinks and a lot of tasty food. I completely fell in love with the tribe and for that evening I felt like maybe I should be a part of their tribe too and maybe I'll be good at hunting and they'll be so proud of me. (Yeah right. I feel way too much :P )
Face painting

Let's dance on the music of didgeridoo :D
The show

Day 5:
Off to The Green Island
A crazy Cruisy ride to The Great Barrier Reef
And the much waited day arrives. Yes today we are going to THE GREAT BARRIER REEF!!! One of the sole reasons why I wanted to come to Aussie so badly. The only living thing that is visible from the moon. Woah. We had to go  to The Green Island in a cruise (which was crazier than the rides trust me😑) Like thank goodness I didn't fly away. Phew. And as soon as we reached there I was ready with my snorkelling gear. It was a whole new experience to snorkel on my own. The idea was a bit crazy for me but that's what I came here for right. I wanted to do scuba too but parents!! 😑
We had this glassboat thing and the semi submarine on the list though and they were quite interesting. The life under water is so colourful and diverse and damn I hardly knew anything about it. However I managed to remember the surgeon fish (perks of being a medical student). And the day came to an end with my phone getting half damaged in the sea water (now that's a long sad story😭😫)

The rest of the evening was spent walking around the city (as I always do).There's a lot of China shops and massage parlours in the city. Beautiful parks and night clubs too.
But most importantly I was suddenly so happy and better. For me Australia was magic 😍.

Green Island


And the selfie obsession continues
Say hi to the underwater friends!!

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