Gold Coast (Australia travel diaries part 1)

December 06, 2015

Don't worry about sleepless nights, they are always followed by peaceful naps.

Tough times are followed by good ones just like nights are followed by days.

But when you look at the sky with stars on one half and sunrise on the other, you know you are on your journey to a land far far away..

As I looked outside the window of my flight taking in the unimaginably beautiful view thoughts like this crept inside my mind giving goosebumps. Thousand feet above ground, thousand miles away from I was actually going to Australia, the land down under. 
I was excited but this time not scared. After going through some really bad times I kind of lost myself completely (the things happen when you are around 19-20 years old you know) so I had nothing to lose. It was time for me to gain..gain knowledge, experience and I was ready for it.

DAY 1:

Three flights and a total of 15 hours inside them followed by a 45 minutes drive from Brisbane I finally reached Gold coast,The surfer's paradise. Gold coast is the city of theme parks, beautiful beaches and  harbours.
The city of Gold Coast
After checking in Hotel Mantra view I couldn't help but doze off(jet lag at its peak). In the evening we had Australian Outback Spectacular to attend. It is basically a show where they tell you about the country life and the hardships they face. The well trained animals and the amazing actors with wonderful music and lighting do make the show spectacular. You definitely get to know a lot about the less inhabited parts of the country. And the best part is that they provide you with a three course meal and drinks while you enjoy the show.

Ready for the Australian Outback :D

DAY 2:

Movie World
The first place on the itinerary to visit today was Warner bros. Movie World.
True to it's slogan "Hollywood at Gold Coast", it is definitely going to make you nostalgic.
Starting from theme rides of your favourite superheroes to 3D shows of your favourite cartoon, you will find everything you've ever wished for in your childhood. My favourite was the Batman roller coaster ride and the dance by catwoman.

After having lunch we left for Sea world. It is a theme park based on marine life. Lots of rides,sea animal shows, a jet ski based stunt show,some nickelodeon shows like Dora and spongebob for the kids and a monorail system was there inside the park. However, the one thing that I enjoyed the most was the 5 minutes helicopter ride over the entire Gold Coast,specially because I got to sit right next to the pilot :D .
view from the chopper
photo session with spongebob

The sea lion show
jet ski stunt show
And the day came to an end with crazy memories of scary rides,too many starstruck moments,new experiences, meeting new people..and most importantly a feeling that someway or the other I am too a part of this land.

DAY 3:

Early morning. All set to go and ride the aquaduck. The aquaduck is an amphibious vehicle which runs both on land and water. Quite a unique experience.

The next stop was Dreamworld, another theme park,this one by Dreamworks ltd. The rides here are the craziest of all. My favourites ones were Giant drop and tower of tunnel II. There is a separate section for kids. They have a train that takes you all around the big park. There's a show on feeding tigers. Apart from that they have an entire section dedicated for Australia's wildlife called the Corroboree where for the first time I got to see the kangaroos...yayieee...but wait..unlike what I expected,they are all the time sleeping around :P (lazy folks).

After spending the whole day in dreamworld We left for Skypoint Observation deck, the tallest building in Gold Coast, to see the sun set.

It was the last evening here and I wanted to take the most of this place.So in spite of tiredness I decided to take a walk around the city. Watching people, buildings, lights that is so much different from what you see everyday around is such a beautiful thing. Sometimes working so hard to get somewhere has no meaning and sitting in the beach with your bare feet on the cold sand and a bottle of beer in your hand and watching the sea can be so meaningful. Strange. I knew I was already in love with this place. The emptiness inside my heart was getting filled with joy and I definitely didn't want to go back home.

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