January 19, 2016

(Australia travel diaries part 3)

Day 6:
The Melbourne Star
It was time to leave Cairns and move on to our next destination-Melbourne.
Melbourne,the city where you can experience all four seasons in one day. And we were indeed experiencing that. As we came out of the airport it started raining heavily and it was so chilly we started shivering. As we got into the coach the weather started improving. It was a 23 kilometers drive from the airport to the city. On our way we saw the Eureka tower (a building with the top made of gold),the Melbourne star, Flinders street station and some really cool buildings. Melbourne is definitely a busy corporate city. We finally checked into our hotel-Rydges. It was too cold outside so I was first reluctant to move out of my cozy blanket. But there was a target store nearby and just the idea of shopping makes me so active. It was a pleasant evening overall and I got to see some really talented musicians on the streets too.

Flinders street station

Eureka Tower

Some evening entertainment

Day 7:

Today we had a plan for a long drive to the Twelve Apostles. Another much waited destination of my trip. It was nearly a 200 kilometers drive along the great ocean road. A fascinating fact about the great ocean road is it is completely a man made structure dedicated to the soldiers who lost their life in the world wars. One of the longest war memorials indeed.
There are too many photo stops along the way,Apollo Bay being my favorite.
photo stop along the great ocean road

Okay I look really bad here :P
Apollo Bay selfie
The twelve apostles
The famous Gorge
The twelve apostles located on the shores of Port Campbell National Park are limestone structures formed by the ocean itself and are getting eroded by the same as well. Currently there are only eight of them left. It is considered a world heritage by UNESCO.

Day 8:

It was city tour time. We started with The Parliament followed by St. Patrick's cathedral,Fitzroy Garden,Royal botanical garden, Shrine of Remembrance and finally my favorite favorite Melbourne Cricket Ground <3 We went for a one hour guided tour of MCG and it was one the best things of the trip.
Gordon Reserve
St. Patrick's cathedral

The beautiful conservatory in Fitzroy garden

Captain Cook's cottage

Inside the Shrine of Remembrance

The Shrine of Remembrance

And finally some pics of MCG <3

It was finally sunny when we were almost done with Melbourne. And  we know "All's well that ends well". It was time to leave for my last destination of this trip,Sydney.

Eeee I love me I Love selfie :D :P

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