My 10 favourite travel quotes

January 24, 2016

We all have those times when we have so much going on in our head but we don't know how to express and even people around don't seem to get us or times when we don't understand where we are in our life and what we want to do about ourselves,all confused and clueless. And then we come across some amazing sentences which magically seem to define our most complicated feelings in few simple lines. Yes, I am talking about quotes. Whether you are in need of some inspiration or you want to lighten up your mood when you are down,a simple quote does all the work. I am personally a big fan of quotes. In fact I have a huge folder in my phone with only quotes in them. I even screenshot things I randomly come across that inspire me. I write down my favourite ones in my diary and I believe most of us even put them as our phone's wallpaper at times or maybe most of the times.
Since I love traveling I really wanted to share some of my favourite travel quotes which inspire me or I can relate to.

1. Couldn't have agreed more 😋

2. The phase of self-discovery all travelers go through,beautiful thing ❤️

3. I guess we all know this..right?

4. And I am sure she couldn't be any happier after hearing this ❤️

5. Deep!! 😌

6. Very important!!

7. Absolutely!!

8. Hmm 😊

9. Yes..

10. On point!! 😊

P.S. All pictures taken by me and all quotes taken from minds that inspired me :) cheers 😁

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