Sri lanka (Part 1)

January 29, 2016

Since my last trip was to Sri lanka in the Christmas holidays, I think it's best to write it down as soon as possible (I really don't trust my memory with names and details :P )
In this post I am going to tell you about the first place I visited that is,Kandy.

Day 1:
Okay so it's a 2 hour flight from Kolkata to Colombo. It was the 25th of December and even though I have celebrated new year in other countries before,this was my first Christmas away from home but nevertheless I was very excited. On reaching Colombo it takes 3-4 hours more to finally reach Kandy. On your way you will spot Buddha statues almost everywhere and a change of scenery as you move up in the hill station. On our way, I tried some local food. Being a Bengali I loved the fish but the food was very spicy. They use a lot of black pepper.
By the time we reached Kandy it was already dark. We checked in Queens hotel. This hotel used to be the residence of former Governor designed in British style and the best part was we got the "lucky" suite as the holy Temple of Tooth was just opposite.

Day 2:
-Temple of the Tooth
Early morning we were all set to visit the Temple of Tooth and offer our prayers.
The temple is dedicated to a tooth of Lord Buddha. But there is a very little chance you will get to see it and they only take it out every five years for the public to see. This place is considered very holy and there are thousands of pilgrims offering prayers everyday.

-Kandy lake
The city of Kandy is built around the Kandy lake. It is practically the heart of the city. Located just beside the Temple of Tooth, it is just the perfect place of sit down and relax. Or you can even do a little bit of fish feeding.

-The seat of Arthur
This is a lookout point to see the entire city of Kandy. You can see the Kandy lake, Temple of Tooth, the former royal palace and the statue of Buddha situation at the top of the mountain.

Other places of interest are The royal botanical garden, tea museum and the National Gem museum.

We went to one of the gem stores where they showed us a video on how they take out the gems by digging the earth and the various processes they go though to reach the final form.
Greetings from Lanka :D

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