Sri Lanka (Part 3)

January 31, 2016

Day 3:

Okay finally we come to my favourite part of the trip. Yes I am talking about Bentota. The soft sun-kissed sand,the sea breeze,palm trees,sound of the waves.. I guess beaches have always been my weakness. I don't know what happened I used to be a person who would choose mountains over anything but as I am growing up I am more fond of the ocean. There is some kind of mental peace whenever I am in the beaches sitting quietly and staring at the sea.

Anyways, it's a really really long way from Nuwara Eliya to Bentota and I was tired like anything when we finally reached there. All I wanted to do was sleep but when we reached our hotel club Bentota,it was completely a different scenario.As we entered the hotel premise I saw nothing like a hotel instead there was a ferry waiting to take us to our hotel. I was suddenly charged up as we cruised through the mangrove river to reach the reception. There was a party vibe about the place. I didn't feel tired anymore. There was music and dance performances as we enjoyed the dinner. The best part was when they danced on bollywood numbers and I just couldn't stop from cheering and dancing with joy. Yeah okay I go out of control sometimes -_- but that's not the point you see. The point is I fell in love with the ambience of the place and I didn't feel like going anywhere else from there.
And yeah I actually meant that because the next day....

Day 4:
I ended up getting a huge scolding from dad. We were late for our day's plan. Thanks to me who fell in love with this island hotel so much that I completely forgot we had a plan for the day and was finally found lying in the beach,maybe lost in deep thoughts.


Or maybe tired after having too much fun and clicking selfies. Who knows!! :P

Anyways let me tell you about today's plan.
First place on the list was a turtle hatchery. There are a lot of turtle hatcheries in Bentota. They take care of the turtles and their breeding and protect them from getting endangered. You get to see the different breeds of turtles and of different ages too.

Second thing on the list was river safari in the mangroves. It takes over an hour. They show you around and there are few stops where you can get down and buy local products.

We drove around the city for a while after lunch. Had their famous coconut water from roadside stalls and finally got back to the hotel.

The evening was really beautiful though. The atmosphere was amazing. The music,the vibe and everything was so charming. It was definitely the best day of out trip. :)

                                                                   Couple goals ❤️
                                                             (Still young at heart)

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