Sydney (part 2)

January 23, 2016

Day 10:

Today was unofficially the last day in Australia and we decided to drive out of the city,off to the blue mountains. The mountain ranges are home to numerous eucalyptus trees. And when sunlight is refracted from the oil of eucalyptus,the light turns blue in colour and as there are so many eucalyptus trees the mountains appear blue and hence the name.
The blue mountains 😍
It takes around two hours to reach Katoomba. The first stop was Echo point lookout to see the iconic Three sisters rock formation and also the beautiful valley. According to tribal legend, the three sisters were from Katoomba tribe and they were in love with three brothers from their neighbouring tribe. But it was against the rules of Katoomba tribe. So the brothers attacked the tribe to capture the three sisters. However a magician from Katoomba turned them into rocks to protect them. But he died in the fight and there was nobody else who could turn them back to humans.

The three sisters
As I walked to the echo point and looked at the three sisters, I recalled the story in my head and I was all in the world of folklore. I guess we are never too old for fables.
The next stop was Scenic world. The perfect place for a nature lover or adventure seeker. You can walk around the rainforest,take the scenic railway which is the steepest (52 degrees) railway driven by a cable,the cableway or skyway. One amazing thing about the skyway is a part of the floor is made of transparent glass and you can stand on it as it moves over the valley. Scary but fun.
From inside the railway
Inside the cableway
The valley from the skyway
Or you can just sit in their cafe and enjoy the scenic view of the valley over coffee.
In the souvenir shop
As we returned back in the afternoon I went for a quick shopping. I was so goddamn excited about tonight. We had a cabaret show on a cruise to attend. I have always loved this 1920s vibe and I was all set to make tonight the best night of my trip.
With a girl from the show
The show
And indeed I enjoyed to fullest. As the show was nearing its end I went out to enjoy the fresh air of the quiet evening on the cruise as I looked at the beautiful city of Sydney. I could feel a change in me. I know what I wanted and promised myself when I go back home there is going to be a new start to my life. I promised myself I will remain strong.
I had been to other places too but this trip is the most special one as it helped me clear my head and move away from negativity. I guess Australia will always be my favourite place. 😊

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