Brussels in a day!!

February 10, 2016

Brussels,even though it is called a boring place,there's no harm dropping by in the city for one day. If you are on a tour around Europe and you have Amsterdam and Paris on your list,you can drop by Brussels on your way. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. Specially if you love chocolate and waffles and shopping. And the very fact there are not too many people visiting the place makes it more wonderful.

Since I was there for one day I just covered the most important places.

-Grote Markt or the Grand place

This is one of the UNESCO heritage sites and also the central square of the city. It has the town hall and other historic buildings like the museum of the city of Brussels. This is the happening place of the city with shops and restaurants all around.

-Manekken Pis

This is the statue of a little boy urinating in a fountain that is the ultimate landmark of Belgium. There are many legends on the statue the famous one being the boy was a lord who was at a war with another kingdom. So his troop put him in a basket on top of a tree and he urinated on his enemy troops and then they eventually lost.

-Galeries Royales St. Hubert

This 19th century shopping arcade is one of the oldest arcades of Europe. The amazing architecture will definitely take you back to the medieval period and what more? You can shop!! ❤️

-statues of famous people 

You will find statues of many famous figures who found refuge in Brussels.

-Small boutiques 
There are many small boutiques around the city which you must visit.

And finally..

Do I need to say anything about Belgium chocolates?? We all love them right!! ❤️

P.S. Since I have been to very few places around the city I'd love to know more about it. Does anyone have their Brussels  stories?? Do share. :)

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