Disneyland days

February 04, 2016

"Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday,tomorrow and fantasy"

I guess we are never too old for Disney.And I believe the best thing that can happen to a person who has literally grown up watching Disney channel is when finally they get to visit Disneyland. I felt no less than a princess when my dad told me he's taking us to Hong Kong followed by Shenzen and Macau for the New Year's holiday in 2012. But this post is only going to be about my Disneyland experience. It was too special to just include in a post about the entire trip. 

Day 1:

As soon as we reached the airport,we were taken to Hotel Hollywood, one of Disneyland's own hotels. It is a themed hotel and you are sure to feel the disney vibe.

Right from the window of my room I could see the sleeping beauty castle. Anticipation got better of me and as soon as I freshened up I rushed to the park. 
I actually pinched myself to believe I was getting inside the world of magic.

As I entered I saw a statue of Mickey surfing on a fountain and I just couldn't stop "awww"ing for a while.

Okay first let me tell you about the themed areas of thr park. There are:
1. Main Street USA.
2. Adventureland.
3. Tomorrowland.
4. Fantasyland.
5. Toy Story Land.
6. Grizzly Gulch.
7. Mystic Point.
When I entered there it was the time for the Christmas parade in the Main Street USA. So I quickly joined the crowd. As the disney characters paraded through the street with the music and dance,I couldn't help feeling nostalgic.

It was already evening and I wanted to make most it even though I had one more day. But the long long queues. You can't help it. Everyone loves Disneyland.

I went to Grizzly Gulch and got on the Big Grizzly Mountain Runway ride. It is a thrilling roller coaster ride on a mining train which takes you in and out of twisting caverns.
Right next to it was Toy Soldier Parachute drop in Toy Story Land. This one takes you up at a certain height,you float in there for sometime and then there's a free fall. It keeps on going for few times.
Mystic point was right beside but it was under construction.

It was finally time for "Disney in the stars."
The firework show that is the signature of any Disneyland. This was one of the best things of my life. I still remember recording the whole thing in my phone and showing it to everyone I could with the same excitement I felt that time while watching it.

Day 2:

The morning started with a wonderful breakfast at the hotel. I remember eating a full plate of Dim sum. We all love Chinese food,don't we?
Again it was time for Disneyland. Today my mind was working like a warrior with the map of Disneyland in my hand and a full fledged plan to make the most of it in my mind.

I first took the train around the park.

 Then finally went to Adventureland. 
There is a show called Festival Of The Lion King. It's a musical show on celebration of the animated disney movie,The Lion King.

The rides in Adventureland are mostly water rides. You can raft around Tarzan's treehouse and even go inside.

As I walked inside the Sleeping Beauty castle, I could see a world of fairytale in front of my eyes. Everything seemed magical and enchanting. 

However the rides were for really small kids. So I went to the Golden Mickeys show. 

And then I went inside the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Even though this was for kids as well but who cares,we are all children once we are in Disneyland. And Pooh has always been my favorite. I still have my big Pooh teddy I got on my 9th birthday. Although It doesn't look that big now :P. Anyways you get to sit in an oversized hunny pot as you wander through the pages of the story of Pooh in the woods.

 It was time for It's a small world ride. It has dolls dressed in traditional outfits of every culture around the world singing the title track song themed on international unity as you boat across the different parts of the globe.

You have the Autopia, Buzz light year astro blasters,Orbitron,Space mountain etc in the futuristic Tomorrowland. I only did the Space mountain ride. It's a roller coaster ride for an interstellar adventure. It takes place in a dark room with a space like features to give the ultimate cosmos feeling.

-Toy Story Land 
There was this RC racer and I had to do it. It's probably the best and scariest ride of the park on an U-shaped track going back and forth.

The day was really cold and wet but I managed to make most of it so there was no regret. However it was raining heavily and I had to come back before the firework show but nevertheless my Disneyland adventure came to an end as I watched "Disney in the stars" from my room's window.

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