Sri lanka (Part 4)

February 02, 2016

Day 5:
It was time for the last destination of the trip. The capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo. Colombo is not that far from Bentota and we reached there quite early. Rain in Sri Lanka is very common. Even in the month of December they have rainfall almost every day.

We had practically no plans for today. But realising the fact that only 3 days are left and then the trip will come to an end,I decided to roam around the city on my own. Although didn't go too far but it was fun.

Day 6:
Today we had a plan for a city tour. Colombo,with it's architecture,will make you feel like you are in some European city. (Yes only architecture because when you come out of your car,the hot weather will remind you you are in the tropical land of Sri Lanka :D )
Okay the places to see are National Museum, Public Library, War Memorial,Nelum Pokuna theatre,Vihara Mahadevi park,Town hall and many other historical landmarks.
Among these my favourites are
-National Museum

-War memorial

And the reasons they are my favourite is because I managed to take some good photos of these places only :P. (I guess I have to stop being so honest :P)

Day 7:
It was the last day of the year and also the last day of my trip. I was a bit upset today. Anyways,we went for some shopping. You get really good leather and  cotton stuff if you go to the genuine stores. And a lot of herbal skincare,haircare products. And and definitely a huge variety of tea.
The evening was well spent with a gala dinner some amazing music and dance.

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