Thai getaway (Part 1)

February 12, 2016

(Bangkok part 1)

Whether you love traveling or not,Thailand is the place you have already visited or planning to visit soon. And not just once but many many times. Bored? Let's go to Thailand. Heart broken? Go to Thailand. Need a break? Go to Thailand. Wanna party? Thailand!! Thailand is practically the solution to everything. And Bangkok being the capital, is mandatory for everyone.
Since I joined medical college in 2014,my life got too hectic. I was too tired with the monotonous life. I badly needed a break. We did not have any vacation but I still decided to bunk my college for a week and spend the New Year in Thailand with some close family friends. It was a sudden plan and okay I love sudden holiday plans (but only when I look pretty and I have enough time for shopping).
This was my second time in Thailand and I pretended to feel more like a local :P .

Day 1:

We reached Bangkok and the first thing on my mind was SHOPPING!! If you are in Bangkok and you are not shopping then something is really wrong with you!!
Starting from clothes,shoes,accessories to digital stuff you can practically buy anything and everything in Bangkok all at a reasonable price (well only when you know how to bargain).

It was finally a great evening after a really long time with a delicious thai dinner at the end.

Day 2:

Today we had a plan to spend the entire day in Safari World. Safari World with it's diverse spectrum of animals is one of the  popular destination for animal lovers.
It is a little away from the main city (about an hour drive). It is divided into the safari park and the marine park.

-The marine park

Marine park houses a varied range of animals including so many types of birds. There are dolphins and seals too.
There are shows on them too.
There's a dolphin show.

A sea lion show.

Orangutan boxing.
Okay he's the boss 😎

Hollywood stunt show.

Shows on birds.

And many others. There are games to play and really good places for food. Or you can just roam around. Everything feels good. :)

-Safari park

This is an open park where the animals roam around freely and you drive along an 8 km road while watching the beautiful animals all around you.

We had a cruise in the evening. They  showed the important landmarks around Bangkok including the royal palace. And what more there was food,music and dance. Exactly evening I missed so much for so long. Bliss. -_-

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