Thai Getaway (Part 2)

February 14, 2016

Day 3:

Today it was time to visit the Dream World,the very popular amusement park in Bangkok. It is definitely a good idea when you come to Bangkok with your family specially if you have small kids. 

The first time I visited this place I was really really excited and did almost everything that is there in the park but this time it was more of a selfie session with pouts and stuff. Phew. :P I felt like I was too old for this place (perks of just turning into an adult).

Anyways let me tell you about the various sections of the park. 

1. The Dream World Plaza

This is the entrance of the park. You get a lot of shops to buy themed sunglasses and caps or maybe have ice cream. It's basically a long strech of small shops.

2. Dream Garden

This is a nature themed park perfect for photoshoot specially in the love garden and seven wonders of the world. You get the Dream World railroad and the cable cars from here as well. There's also the speedy mouse coaster, racing cars and water tricycle.

3. Fantasy land 

This is located in the centre of the park and themed on various fairytales from all over the world. There is a Fantasy garden, Sleeping Beauty's castle. It's more or less like the Fantasyland of Disneyland. 

I remember going to the Giant's House the first time I visited. I was so excited to be in a world where everything was so big. This time I didn't bother going. I was busy looking for free wifi. Damn.

 There is a 4D show. It had the same story of a laboratory malfunction that they showed when I first visited. I remember screaming the hell out of me that time. This time I just watched it because my parents were excited. Again. Why??!!

 But my favorite part of this fantasy land is the hurricane ride. I can get on this again and again.

4. Adventureland 

This is the biggest and my most favorite area of the entire park. There is a snow town. This is quite exciting when you are in the middle of a tropical city. You can make snowman or go on a sleigh ride and what more? There is snowfall at times as well.

Another attraction is the sky coaster. This is Asia's first hanging roller coaster and definitely worth a ride. 

The haunted mansion really scared the hell out of me and this time that is the only reason I didn't get in. :P 
You can take a monorail tour,go cart,go on bumper cars or boats. There's so much to do.

Apart from the theme attractions there are a plenty of stores and if you love shopping just like me then you can definitely shop from here. Or you could just play games or have amazing thai food.

P.S. Sorry for such a late post. It's very convenient to say I was busy but I am simply too lazy. Phew. -_-
And if you have visited Dream World do share your story with me. :D

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