Thai Getaway (Part 3)

March 11, 2016

l have a record of leaving things unfinished and I am not quite proud of this,so with this post I am just going to break it. :D
Okay as you can see the last post of the Thai getaway series was a month back and I kind of left it in the middle and started writing about other things. Well this is not something very unusual with me and one of the things I have always hated about myself. So I am going to continue this till the end.
Better late than never. Phew. -_-

Day 4:
Okay I kind of forgot to mention this in the last post so after having a crazy time in Dreamland we drove to the city of Pattaya. And in a few hours we reached our hotel. Pattaya is one busy beach city which gives you a chance to shop from everywhere you set your foot into at steal deals and you will be spoilt for choice for the varied sea food it has to offer. So yeah in one sentence,Pattaya is my paradise. ~_~

-Koh Sak Island
So today we decided to go away from the hustle bustle of the city to one the surrounding islands. We decided to go to the Koh Sak island. Koh Sak is a small horse shoe shaped island with two beautiful beaches. Perfect place to spend time at leisure. You can reach Koh Sak in a speedboat which are readily available in Pattaya.

 The speedboats stop at this Parasailing platform on the way. This was my third time parasailing and I loved it as always.

 They finally take you to the island where you can do snorkeling,jet ski and other water sports or you can simply  sunbathe and swim. 

There's an option for scuba diving too. If you are the adventure type you can take a walk around the island. And if you are self obsessed like me then just kill your phone's battery with uncountable selfies.(And also in my case almost kill my dream of travel blogging by not taking pictures of the place I am going to talk about -_- ).

-Tiffany Show
In the evening we were all set to go to the Tiffany show. This is one of the world's most popular cabret shows and what is unique about the show is it is totally transvestite. People from all over the world come to watch the show and it is thoroughly spectacular.

And my day ended with thai street food. Happy stomach,happy me. :D

P.S. This post definitely deserves a photo courtesy. Thank you daddy for all the pictures. You saved me like always. Phew. 
Note to self: Take less selfies and more pictures of the place you are traveling to.

Okay thanks for reading. Do tell me about your experience if you have been to any of the islands or planning to go. Would love to know all about it. :)

Sumelika :D

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