A love affair with Switzerland!!

April 08, 2016

Snow capped mountains,lush green fields,beautiful lakes,medieval towns,yes I am talking about one of the most beautiful places on the earth,Switzerland. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word romance is Shah Rukh Khan..well more precisely me (draped in a beautiful chiffon saree) dancing to a romantic Bollywood song with SRK in the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland. Basically romance for me is Switzerland. And not just me. I believe it is the dream honeymoon destination for most of Indians. Thanks to Bollywood. And even though my stay in Switzerland was very short, I am really excited to write a post about it.

Surrounded by the alps and lakes and being the home to many international landmarks, Geneva is one of the most beautiful and expensive cities in the world.

You can stroll around the city. See the UN headquarters,the floral clock,the museums or the St. Peter's cathedral or you can walk along the lake Geneva as you take in the beauty of the city.

-Glacier 3000
A cable car journey from col du pillion to Scex rogue and you get a panoramic view of the most beautiful peaks of the alps. You can take a peak walk along the suspension bridge or ride the snow bus on the glacier. I had never seen snow so white and beautiful before. It was almost like a dream. ❤️

You can pause at the lions monument or take a walk along the chapel bridge but the best thing about Lucerne is the lake. You can sit by the lake and watch the beautiful white swans or you can take a cruise and see the diversity of the place. It is a great place for shopping as well.

-Trummelbach falls
It is a glacier waterfall located in lauterbrunnen. This is the only glacier waterfall in entire Europe made accessible to us by tunnel lift. It was a great experience for me to walk to the origin of a waterfall. It was so cold in there but it was worth it.

Also called the top of Europe,is accessible to us by the charming trains along the dramatic mountains. The highlights of the place are the Aletsch glacier,the Ice Palace and the Sphinx observation terrace at an altitude over 3500m.
I definitely had the time of my life playing in the snow.

-Rhine falls 
Largest plain waterfall in Europe,perfect for a picnic. Stroll around or go boating,you can spend an entire day here with all the beauty around you.

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