Mit Liebe, aus München!!

April 29, 2016

Since I am learning German for quite some time now and this post is on Munich I just thought of writing the title in Deutsch. Special post,now that the names and words make sense to me. Eeeee 😁😋

Munich is the only city in Germany that I visited and it was enough to make me fall in love with the whole country. Ever since I visited the place I wanted to learn their language and finally little by little I am on my way.

Starting from the historical buildings,beautiful gardens and palaces to the world famous Oktoberfest,the capital of Bavaria has too much to offer. You can come anytime of the year,everytime is a best time to visit Munich. No matter what your reason for travel is,Munich has so much varied things to enjoy you'll always find a purpose here.

-BMW welt
BMW welt,true to it's name is actually the world of BMWs. It's like a dreamland for all car lovers. Well it is basically a showroom and people usually come here to buy cars but for me it was like a museum. In fact for anyone it would be like a museum. It was so big and grand with tourists everywhere clicking pictures with/inside the beautiful vehicles. And where do you get to see a restaurant or conference hall or a stageshow going on in a showroom.

The BMW headquarters is just adjacent to the BMW welt.

This park was constructed in 1972 for the summer olympics. Varoius cultural and social events are held here.

-Nymphenburg Palace
The Nymphenburg palace used to be the summer residence of the former rulers of Bavaria. The palace is beautiful with Baroque architecture but I found the garden even more beautiful. You get the exact royal feeling here. 

The central square in the city of Munich,Marienplatz is a famous tourist spot to see the wonderful historical buildings of the city.

It is divided into the new town hall and the old town hall.

-New town hall
The New Town hall or the Neues Rathaus is the busiest place of the city with the famous Glockenspiel which chimes everyday at 11am,noon and 5pm and re-enact two strories from the medieval century. This is a must watch for everyone visiting Munich. Apart from this,the neo-gothic buildings are sure to bedazzle you.

-Old Town Hall
The Old Town hall or the Altes Rathaus has a long history. It went through a lot of renovations but the original gothic form is maintained. This is now the toy museum of the city housing historical toys such as model trains,dollhouses etc.

This is one the four royal avenues of Munich with the highest retail rents in Germany.

There are other beautiful places to visit as well. Like the English garden,Frauenkirch,Neuschawanstein castle etc. And I can't really wait to go back again. :)

Sumelika ❤️

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