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May 01, 2016

The one thing I am truly an expert at is shopping (trust me,I am) and a lot of people compliment me the way I dress up, so I decided to make a look book series and discuss about my outfits. I have always helped my friends with shopping and dressed them up. It really makes me happy. So I am really excited to share my ideas.

Okay so last week I shared a few pics on Facebook from a wedding that I attended and a lot of people liked my outfits and they asked me about it so that's where I got an inspiration to write a look book series.

I got to know about the invitation a day before since my parents thought I wouldn't be interested (I didn't attend any wedding for over a year). But then this time I really wanted to go. I was literally bored sitting at home. But the only problem was I had nothing to wear!! (And it's not always like that unlike what mum thinks). My all Indian outfits were either old or I didn't like them anymore. And I didn't even have time to go shopping either. So I began my wardrobe hunt. My wardrobe is like a boyfriend to me, We have been together for years now and I still don't know what goes on inside. Like every time I open it I get a surprise. So finally I found a black maxi top in velvet which I bought months back. It was exactly not Indian but it can give an Indian touch to my look and it would look classy as well. So I paired it up with black and white printed denim. I was not sure at first but then it turned out to be really nice. I did my makeup and hair. Accessorized with minimal golden jewelry. And I was ready for the Sangeet. Tadaaa 😁💃🏻

let's quickly give you some details incase you want to do a similar look.
Maxi top: Koovs
denim: Kraus
Earrings: kazo
Bracelet: Backstage (Sri Lankan brand)
Kangaroo pendant: From Gold Coast
I wore nude ballerina (I was in a serious mood for dance)which I bought from a local Australian brand but I think heels would be a better option for the outfit.

For the wedding, I somehow had an outfit in my mind. So I was chilled out. But when I wore it,it didn't exactly make me look like how I thought it would. I changed 6-7 dresses and finally told my parents I am not going. But then my mum reminded me about a dress that I bought 4 years back and never wore it(like she knows more about the clothes I own than myself woah!!). It was a very simple high low dress in very light pink. I was not sure if it was a good choice for wedding. But then after doing my make up and accessorizing it with heavy stone earrings and bracelet and a pair of black pumps I was looking pretty good. 

Dress: Bought it online
Shoes: Forever New
Earrings and Bracelet: Forever New
Pendant: Tanishq

P.S. Since this is my first attempt to write a fashion post I would highly appreciate any suggestion,recommendations or your opinion on this. 😊

Sumelika ❤️

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