So what is love to you?

April 22, 2016

Love is such a simple feeling that you understand it in no time and yet in the very next moment it can feel like even if a lifetime passes by you won't be able to figure it out. Like one moment you feel like you own the world,the whole universe is with you and you are the luckiest person on earth and the next moment you are only left with doubts. Doubts about your faith,beliefs,ideas,dreams,your everything.

So many people have their own take on love. Some say it's a sign of weakness, some say it's does nothing but hurt,for some love is a fancy term for lust,some believe it is all about sacrifice,some say love is being with the person that feels the same for you as you do,some differentiate it as true and fake,some gives it various shades like first there is likeness,then infatuation and so on so forth,some don't believe in it at all. But what is it actually?

I was going through my conversations on my old phone and I came across this. A friend asked me,"How would you define love?" And also, "What kind of relationship is it that you want?" And my reply was "Love is a relative feeling so nobody knows exactly what it is.But I believe love cannot be differentiated into true or fake,love is love,that's it.Love does not hurt or recover,it's the people who claim to be in love do so.It is a wonderful feeling which leads you to positivity making the best out of you. And relationship,well I don't have any practical idea about it but if I am ever going to be in one I should feel the utmost sense of freedom even when I completely surrender myself." 
As I read this I was very surprised and proud of my 16 year old self. She was so right. That is love,that's how a relationship should be. Love is a very simple can't be differentiated and it definitely doesn't have shades. Love is one white positive feeling that makes everything beautiful.

So what do you think love is?

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