The goal is to be happy!!

April 25, 2016

As you know lately I am trying to broaden my contents on the blog.When I started with my blog it was just me with an urge to do something new. I have always loved reading blogs. It's great to see how internet can be such an amazing outlet for so many creative ideas from various people all over the world. And I always wanted to write my own even though I didn't know how it is going to work(not that I know everything now :P).

I would get some really good ideas at times but wouldn't know how am I going to express that and finally it would vanish after some days and the dream of writing a blog would remain a dream. However I decided to write and since I have always loved traveling what could've been better than writing about it. I wrote two posts and then realised how difficult it is to maintain a blog specially if I am going to write about traveling. And if you are going to write on travel then you are supposed to travel a lot. Like the blogs I read are by people who travel throughout the year. Some of them don't even have homes. They are like gypsies. And I being a medical student hardly get any holiday.I felt really disheartened and realised blogging is not my thing. So I just stopped. I didn't write anything for more than a month. But then one day I recalled why I wanted to write in the first place and the reason was it was my dream and most importantly it made me happy. I wanted to write for myself. I wanted to write to express myself. It is not a competition or something where I have to be in a specific way. I would write to show everyone the way I look at things. And it doesn't always have to be one single thing. Traveling is my first love. That's true. But there are so many other things that make my life beautiful as well. I would want to write about them too. That was the goal. The goal was to be myself,the goal was to be happy. And even if a hundred people are reading my blog everyday I jump with joy. And it's not just about my blog. I believe it's important to do whatever makes us happy no matter how insignificant it is. Because at the end our happiness is all that matters.
Never forget to follow your heart ❤️

Sumelika :)

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