A Token Of Love

May 06, 2016

am a kind of person who loves to make memories and keep them safe. I keep cards,letters,gifts including the wrappers,I practically keep everything. I can't just throw away stuff. This also includes old pictures and texts. I can never delete them if I have good memories attached to them. And this can go as far as keeping tickets of my first bus ride alone to a movie I really loved,the bill of a restaurant I loved eating at or simply because I loved the company. It's like these little things remind me of the wonderful things happened to my life. I keep everything safe with me.

So being a person who falls in love with places so easily it's quite evident I have a huge collection of souvenirs. I practically have one section of my room well decorated with them. They are a huge part of me.I believe the places I have been to made me who I am. So let me tell you all about them (but nine at a time 😜).

My Little Eiffel Tower

Everyone who ever visited Paris has their own little Eiffel tower. And this is my one. I had to buy it. We all have some beautiful memories from the city of love. And going to the top of the Eiffel Tower and drinking champagne was my favorite memory (trust me I didn't know we could actually go up there before going to Paris). You can buy them practically anywhere and everywhere. 

The Sri Lankan map with elephant inscription 

This one I bought from a shop in Colombo. I somehow find the map of the country very cute. I remember in my geography classes in school when we had something to do with a map of India, Sri Lanka would be there along with India. It always made me feel we Indians and Sri Lankans belong together. And the elephant inscription is also the symbol of a big part of their culture since elephants are very popular in Sri Lanka.
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The Manneken Pis

The Manneken Pis is an epic landmark of Brussels. There are so many interesting legends related to this statue. So I just bought this one.
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The Swiss Cowbells

Okay this one is one of my favourite favourite souvenirs. And no prize for guessing why. Yes DDLJ (The Shah Rukh Khan fans will know very well). And yeah other people who love Bollywood will know as well. So for me this souvenir from Switzerland is all about love. As you can see I have two of these. When I bought them I decided I would give my soulmate the small one to add a DDLJ feel to our love story. 😂
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The makeup mirror from Gold Coast

Okay so when I bought it I told everyone how this is going to be the star of my makeup kit but everyone including me knew that is never going to happen. I am going to keep it in my showcase😂. It is too beautiful to use regularly.
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The Swarovski Swan

I have always loved the Swarovski logo. It's so beautiful. So I got my "little piece of shimmer" from Swarovski crystal world in Innsbruck. Another favourite. 
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The kangaroo Pendant

This is the most special gift from Australia. This Kangaroo pendant with a pacific gem in the centre is so beautiful. And unlike the mirror,I actually wear it at times. Even if it's just a pendant it stands out in all outfits.My favourite one from Australia for sure.

The Glass Gondola

This one I bought from a glass factory in Venice. I have always loved gondolas and  I was the happiest when I got into one on my trip to Venice. So this is another beautiful memory of mine.

The Macau Tower

This is the first place from where I saw bungy jumping from so close. It was overwhelming and scary. But someday I would really want to do it myself.

Sumelika ❤️

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