Because Happiness Is Wearing A Saree

May 12, 2016

No matter how many clothes we own or how valuable they are,for an Indian woman a saree is the most treasured possession. And the most special ones are those that we get from our mothers. Even if we own an entire wardrobe full of sarees we would still be eyeing our mum's collection.

As a child, I have grown up seeing my mum look like a beautiful goddess in the sarees she would wear. And I would badly wait for the only day when I got to wear a saree,that is,on Saraswati Puja. I would suddenly feel like a grown up woman full of responsibilities. I guess that's what a saree does to you.
The six year old version of me :D

But as I grew up and reached my adolescence,I felt like saree is not for me. I have always been somewhat skinny and even though at times I would gain some weight and get into a really good shape it wouldn't stay for long and I would get back being skinny again. And well if you are living in a country where being overweight is called normal and healthy, people would behave as if being a skinny person is a crime. People would comment or make fun maybe light heartedly but after a certain point of time I got really tired of people asking me "Why are you so thin? Are you not eating properly? You should see a doctor". Like seriously?? I am probably a lot more fit than you are with your central obese body.You should see a doctor. Or maybe go to an institution where they teach you to stop judging others baselessly. I am really against people who bully someone on their weight. And weight includes both over and underweight. And because of all these which also included "You need to gain weight to look beautiful in a saree", I completely lost the confidence. But now that I know you don't really have to be in a certain shape to wear anything you want to,I don't give a damn anymore. I obviously dream to have a body like Deepika Padukone but that doesn't mean I don't love mine. In fact I am my favorite shape whatever it is.
Doesn't matter if you are overweight or underweight,if you are happy with yourself you will look the prettiest in anything you wear. And if you are not happy,work hard until you reach the point where you can be happy. Happiness is the secret to look beautiful. Now you know. 😉☺️

So on that note, I am going to share some photos from this year's Saraswati puja where I wore a saree. Yayyyy 😋
And I don't own anything other than the smile on my face. The saree and the jewelry,all belong to my mommy including the bindi. It's a really lucky day when your mum let's you wear her saree,specially the traditional ones. ☺️

Sumelika ❤️

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  1. You look really cute in your mom's saree...In fact I was pleasantly surprised that a new generation gal feels so good about this traditional attire. God bless!!

  2. Lovely photoes! They do say that the saree brings out the best of a woman. It looks good on anyone. When I first wore saree it was very special too, although I haven't yet gotten accustomed to walking like a normal person in saree (But then I'm only seventeen).

    1. I am twenty and trust me it's the same situation with me. But I am learning and some day I know I'll be pro at it. Sarees are too beautiful to not wear. And thank you :D

  3. saree suppose to be the preamble of indian beauty....

  4. Lovely image with orange saree looking cute.Thanks for sharing the blog.