Got Pinked!!

May 13, 2016

Even though people say pink is the favourite colour of all girls I was never really obsessed about it. Well apparently. And my dad obviously used to think I am his "Pink Princess". So basically everything in my room is in the shade of pink contrasted with white. Including my bathroom. And till date he buys everything in the shade of pink for me. And when I say everything it means EVERY FREAKING THING!! My iPhone was a surprise gift for me and before I could choose a colour, I came to my room to find a rose gold phone on my bed. 😜
But then recently I noticed it's same with my wardrobe too. Too much pink and white stuff. I guess I have the colour phases in my life. Like last year everything was blue then it suddenly changed to green. And right now I am literally pink obsessed. Yes dad finally I am your "Pink Princess". 😑
So I decided to create two pink and white looks today.

1. The dress
Okay so this dress is one of the cutest things I own. It is definitely girly but also very classy because of the simple and sober colour. I specially love the frilled hem. A perfect dress for a day out.
I got this dress from a street shop in Pattaya which costed me only 200 Bahts. Steal deal,ain't it? 😍

This pic is from last year BTW

I paired it up with these cute sneakers from adidas neo. Though I believe it could have looked better with white lacy ballerinas but I tried to give it a cool look along with the girly feel.

2. The Skirt and Tee
 Now this is my favourite one. I was myself surprised with the styling. I never really wore this tee because I thought it was too simple. Infact I was planning to wear it at home only. But then as I was looking for a white top to pair with the skirt I came across this and thought let's give it a try and I loved it more than the first look.

This skirt is a gem. It compliments my figure really well. I got this from a store in Switzerland. I don't really remember the price. And I got this tee from a shop in Sydney. It was only for $10. Another steal deal. 😁
The sneaker is the same one from adidas neo. 
The purse is from Forever New. And it is my regular one.
And the shades are from Pieces, Vero Moda (a gift from my best friend).

So that's it. Do comment and tell me if you liked the two looks or which ome you liked more.

Sumelika ❤️

Update: Just noticed my blog is pink too 😳

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