Heart Of The Alps: Innsbruck

May 04, 2016

Located in the Inn valley between the northern and southern chain of the Alps,Innsbruck very smoothly fits into the title of Paradise of mountain lovers. Away from the bustling cities,in the lap of nature,the capital of Tyrol, is definitely a treat for the traveler soul.

If we trace back history,Innsbruck stands a strong historical landmark. Emperors like Maximilian I resided in this city. The city was the centre of European politics and culture.The first opera house was erected here and also the city has a huge significance in the world war II.

Innsbruck is halfway between Munich in Germany and Verona in Italy. So you can easily drop by this beautiful city and take with you a small piece of Austria.

My Favorites from Innsbruck:

Swarovski krystalwelten

A twenty minutes drive from the main city,lies this beautiful world of crystals amid the alps which is nothing less than a fairytale. A museum, art installations and finally a store to add a little bit shimmer to your world,this place has it all. Specially the entrance,I find it really fascinating. This place is too beautiful to miss. The music of the opera playing in the background adds to the spellbinding effect.


Hofkirch (meaning the court church) is a gothic church made in the memory of emperor Maximilian I by his grandson. The church was initially designed in the traditional German form of hall church. But it was rebuilt in the baroque style after an earthquake. I think one of the best things about Europe is the churches. They can immediately take you back to time. The beauty along with the quietness all around you can make you believe you are in the medieval world.


This was originally built as the court garden in the sixteenth century under the direction of Archduke Ferdinand II. This place in the old town is now a recreational area with varied trees,ponds and parks for children. 

I believe Innsbruck is a great idea for the people who like to take the off-beaten path. The city being really small,you can just walk around,interact with locals,sit and enjoy the calmness of the valley and the mountains.

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Sumelika ❤️

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