Look Book: Summer

May 10, 2016

Prints,patterns,bright colors,quirky shades,easy breezy dresses,summer is the perfect time of the year to show the fun side of your personality. Lately I realized most of my outfits are summery. I guess it's because summer goes well with my personality. You see I am colorful,fun,cheerful,bright,happy and also hot.😜

So I have decided to add a summer outfits section on my look book series.summer outfit fashion

1. I wore this dress for a brunch. The floral print has a tropical vibe to it and the white layer underneath the print adds to a perfect daytime look for summer. I usually add very minimal accessories for a day look. So I just wore a simple neckpiece and a bracelet in golden. Also the fuchsia lipstick adds to the feel.

Dress: Vero Moda
Bracelet and neckpiece: Backstage (Sri Lanka)

2. This is from my Sri Lanka trip. As you know Sri lanka is a tropical country. Even though I went there in December,the temperature outside was pretty hot. So I wore this cute denim dungaree with this very simple tank top. The shade goes perfect with the outfit and the printed bag pops out quite well. I wore this one in Bentota which is famous for it's beaches so I wore slippers.

Dungaree: From Pattaya
Tank Top and sling bag: From Myntra.com
Shades: Gucci

3. This one I just wore randomly for an evening out with my friend for clubbing. This is exactly not an evening dress but I love the fact that this dress is a perfect combination of cute and sexy.

Dress: From a local shop in Kolkata

Do comment which one you liked the most. Any idea,opinion or recommendation is pretty much welcome. 😊😁

Sumelika ❤️

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