Lost And Found: The Venezian Romance

May 11, 2016

"Not all those who wander are lost", so true, but then sometimes you need to get lost to be able to find yourself again and what can be a better place than the beautifully mysterious city of Venice. The cobblestone streets,secret passages,the canals with numerous bridges, Venice is nothing less than a dream. No matter how much you know the place,you never really know enough and that is what makes it so charming.

This is the only pedestrian city in the whole world. No wonder this is one of the most sought out places. I personally find Venice the most romantic city I have been to. Even more romantic than Paris. Before going there the only thing I knew about Venice was gondolas. And I was super duper excited. The moment I reached there,my mind kept on playing the song 'Khuda jaane' from the movie Bachna ae Haseeno over and over again. And I obviously felt like a heroine straight out of a Bollywood movie. I just can't help it. Moreover I find Italian men very sexy with their Italian accent. Who wouldn't want to romance them. And it's just not Italy. Whenever I go to some really beautiful place I keep imagining stuff similar to what I have seen the movies and badly wish the same happens to me. 😜
Does it happen to other people as well?

Getting back to Venice,the city is so entrancing you would feel like capturing everything you see in your camera. You are bound to get mesmerized.

Having said that, let me tell you what I loved the most about the place.

1. Gondola ride

Even though some people say it is overrated and not worth the money you pay for it,I still find it too romantic to miss. Since the only thing I could define Venice with before I visited the place was Gondolas I would have felt very upset if I didn't get on it. Gondolas are the quintessence of Venice. So even if it is expensive you should go for it.
And exploring Grand canal as well as riding through places that are only accessible by the gondolas are not supposed to be missed.

2. Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco is the central square of the city and the most crowded place. Both by humans and pigeons. Remember the scene from Khuda Jane where Deepika turns and the pigeons fly all around her and Ranbir walks in. This is the exact place. I swear if the humans were not there I would have definitely done something like that and take a picture. 😂

3. Basilica San Marco

The cathedral church is  the most dominant landmark of the Piazza. It is the most famous church of the whole city in fact best known for it's italo-byazantine architecture.

4. Saint Mark's Campanile

This is the bell tower of the cathedral and another famous landmark of the city.

5. The Doge's Palace

Built in Venezian gothic style, the palace was the residence of former supreme authorities,the doges of Venice. Another beautiful landmark of the city.

Apart from these,you can always shop,eat and walk around the city. I also went to a glass factory where they show us how beautifully the different glass showpieces are made. 

Sumelika ❤️

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