Easy breezy for a summer so crazy

June 26, 2016

Being a bong I have faced the worst sides of summer. Except for the mangoes and vacations (which I don't get anymore) there's nothing special about summer in Kolkata(at least for me). I can just sit still at a cool place for hours and feel happy about it. The crazy humid weather can make you feel exhausted in seconds even without doing any work. You walk out of your house for 5 minutes and you'll find yourself rushing back to your room and turn on the AC.

Starting from frizzy hair to chapped lips,dry and dull skin to fatigue and exhaustion everything hits you at once. You are drained of all your energy. Well we can't really do anything about it but somehow we can make it better and one of the ways is wearing easy breezy dresses. It's a basic wardrobe necessity for the summer. It's high time we ditch the jeans and tights. It's time we slip into a light airy dress and let our skin breathe. Be it a maxi or a mini dress,printed or plain,we can't go wrong with an easy breezy dress in summer.

So I had my best friend's birthday celebration (I have 4 best friends) and we had a daytime plan which required moving from places to places. Even though my semester is going on I couldn't miss it. So I went directly from college. I just changed my outfit into this easy breezy dress and I must say it was very comfortable compared to other clothes. If you follow my blog,you probably have seen this dress already in my Sydney travel post. I love the material. I love the print. I think I don't know it yet but I have a weak spot for floral prints. This dress has this sort of tropical summer vibe. And even though this type of dresses are very simple,the flounce makes them so pretty.

Here's my two favorite pictures from Sydney..

This dress is from Only.
And in case you want to know where I got the shoes from they are from a local shop in Shriram Arcade. I paid Rs. 250 for it. Wore it almost everyday to college for nearly a year. Wore it throughout my trip(got blisters from the new ones I carried). 😁

Sumelika ❤️

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  1. Gosh you're just 😍... Fan hoygelam tomar.. Meet me someday bhalo kore janbo eke opor ke!😁 love you😘

  2. haha. ekdom. thank you so much and love you too :D

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    1. Your comment content got removed by mistake but I have it in my email so I read it. Thank you :)

    2. OMg !! lol. its ok U recived Compliment :D :)


  4. Looks like the Camera loves u..Amazing pictures <3

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  5. Simply great photographs! I hope bride had a magical day. I am in love with her dress and looking for similar wedding venues in Houston. I agree that it’s exciting to be a part of such a gorgeous wedding and you are quite lucky.