Kill those butterflies if it doesn't feel right

June 15, 2016

 "You know that I adore all of God’s creatures and the metaphors that they inspire. But, those butterflies? Have got to be murdered."

So who else is a fan of Blair Waldorf? 😍

For a long time I was thinking of writing on relationships but then I was not quite sure about it. When it comes to love,relationships or heart breaks I don't feel comfortable talking about it specially on a public platform. And even if I do it's very subtle. I have my share of failed relationships so I don't want to talk about something until I am completely sure about it. At times I don't even talk about it to my close friends. I would just write it down in my diary. But I realized when I needed any help about any issue related to love and relationships I always googled about them and reading someone else's story has inspired or made me feel better a lot of times. So if I share a little bit about how I feel about certain things and even if one person feels good after reading it then why not.

Let's talk about crushes today (well crushes that affected you more than it should have).
So one fine day you wake up and then you start thinking about someone,you start smiling like an idiot,there's some fluttery feeling in your stomach,suddenly romantic songs make sense,your heart starts beating faster and bam. Congratulations you have a crush. It's so weird some days back you didn't even bother if the person exists and suddenly when they say they love McDonalds you find it cute and an extremely important piece of information to tell your friends. There's nothing wrong with it. Well to be honest I had hundreds of crushes and some of them were real people too and this would happen with me all the time. I would find literally everything they say or do cute. And sometimes intentionally or unintentionally we tend to go overboard with them. You know crushes are mostly about the idea you have of that person in your head. Because in real life they are nothing like the person you have imagined and most of the time they are big disappointments. That's the difference between having a crush and liking someone. You can say you like someone only when you know the person and there's the butterfly feeling otherwise it's just a crush. And when it's not appropriate and least expected it feels terrible (specially when it affects you more than it should). You suddenly don't know what to do. You know that this whole thing doesn't make sense but you can't stop thinking about them anyway. Actually it doesn't matter if it's the right or wrong person,you are bound to feel terrible. And if situation goes a little out of the hands you lose self confidence and start talking to other wrong people in the hope for some ego boost which probably doesn't lead you anywhere and you end up making one mistake after another. I have heard that if you write about the flaws in the other person you can feel better but then being the person I am I wouldn't even write about them. Like they are not even that important. So what I would do is write the good things about myself.And Yeah it helps. Even though I have done some stupid things and ended up in embarrassing situations I would still love me. And we all should do that. No I don't mean we all should love me(well you can,I'm so adorable ☺️) but love ourselves because we all are awesome the way we are.
So kill those butterflies if it doesn't feel right.

don't know how much this post made sense but thanks for reading anyway. 😊

Sumelika ❤️

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