My seven ways to save money

June 30, 2016

I know as soon as my friends saw the title,they were either shocked to the point they pinched themselves to believe it or had a good laugh(still shocked). Sumelika and saving? She must be kidding right? Even I couldn't believe it when I actually thought I should write on this. If you have read the Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella then you definitely know Becky. (She's one of my favorite fictional characters.) Well let's put it this way, I am the real life Becky,only,more sane than her. And I believe a lot of us are like her or in some way can relate to her. The world is filled with so many beautiful things that we can't help but spend on them. It's true everytime we shop,the world feels like a better place. But we also know the feeling when we add beautiful stuff in our online cart and then check the subtotal and then we have to close the window because we can't buy them all. And when I say all it means ALL!! Come on we can't just choose one or two things out of those 6-7 things. That's so unfair. They all deserve to be loved and bought. They all are beautiful.

So this is the point in our life when we realize how important it is to save (so that we can spend).

So here's some of the ways that has helped me to save money.

1. Keep it somewhere safe and forget about it

No no I am being absolutely serious. Keep the money in places which are not that easily accessible or places which are not a part of your daily life. You can keep it in a small box hidden somewhere in your wardrobe,I am sure you won't be able to find it easily(until and unless you are organized like my mum) and it'll be safe,or maybe your luggage bag which you only open when you have to travel or for people like me,you can keep in the drawer of your study table. We don't go near them often,do we? 😜

2. Reward yourself with your own money

This type of saving is only for the people who are good at keeping promises. So if you are not then go to the next point. Waiiiiiit,I am kidding,just keep reading,I got solution for that too.
So basically you have to set up some goals and an amount as a prize when you accomplish the goal. So you can only use the money when you have achieved your goal. And if you can't wait for it then you better ask someone to keep a on check you. Or you can give the money to your mum and you only get it when you show your mother you have finished the task. The money is still yours,you can take it anytime you want but then prepare a guilt note for yourself(write about the time you were extravagant unnecessarily) and whenever you feel like breaking your promise just read it. The amount doesn't have to be huge. It can be just 10 bucks. But first do the tasks and then only use the money.

3. Divide and rule

I don't know if it's same with others but if I have all the money in one bag it takes shorter time to go broke. So what I do is divide the money and keep them in different bags. In one bag keep 500 in other keep 1000(I am talking about rupees BTW). The purse you carry daily keep a little more in that. But there also make divisions. In one section keep the money for transport in another section for food, I always keep a section for security money. This money I only use when there is some emergency. In this way you can also keep a track of your expenses.

4. Keep as coins

If you are a person like me who always uses 10 rupee notes or give a bigger currency when there's no change but refuses to use the ten rupee coins then there you go,you just got rich. You don't know yet but probably you have saved a lot when you count the coins. So next time when you want to save just simply ask for coins instead of notes when you get a change.

5. Or keep the money in form of bigger notes

The 500 and 1000 rupee notes tend to stay longer with me. The moment I give a 500 rupee note to even pay for something like 20 rupees,the 480 rupees change I get is spent in no time. It's like the big number maintains a balance. As soon as even 1% is spent the balance is lost and I go broke. So saving in big notes form is a good idea. It keeps the balance.

6. Piggy banks

I mean the real piggy banks which you have to break in order to get the money. My tip would be buy a cute piggy bank and decorate it. Then start saving. You can't break it without shedding a tear.

7. And finally cards

I don't think many people will relate but I can save a lot over cards. I only have a debit card and the four things which define my adulthood are my voter ID card,my PAN card, driving license and my debit card. Trust me without them the only place I'll be allowed to enter is Disneyland. Nobody believes I am an adult so they are important to me. And I treat my debit card like a queen. I have it for 2 years now and I have hardly used it. It makes me feel rich and the moment I spend money from there I feel poor(My psychology,can't help it). So I avoid using it unless there's no other option.

So that's it. If you found any of the tips useful do comment.

Sumelika ❤️

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  1. I will trY verY harD to Save Coins and Notes buT i CanT Save loT on caRds ... beacUse when i am moving on Roads ATM machines Attracts mE . hahahahah :-D :-D

    1. Lol. I understand if someone is away from home they have to use their card but yeah the other ways might help you. Good luck :D

    2. hAA yA It is will be mOre ImpOrtanT thEn :)

  2. Good one Sumelika.. The joy of finding money which you have kept n forgotten is amazing.. All of ur suggestions are quiet interesting..Happy writing

  3. Good tips. Hope everyone could follow a few of thee tips and savour the extra thrill that comes from getting back forgotten treaures

    1. I'll be more than happy if anyone found them helpful :)

  4. Hello, Good Morning.... friend.

    I just found this post & so interested to read.

    When I was a kid my father used to say, money saved is equal to money earned... that's so true.
    If I am a lil inclined to this habit full credit goes to my dad.(n am lucky to find such a person in my life).

    Well, Sumelika y were spot on.... but the best post I found is 2nd & 3rd... & if I have to go wid psychological POV.... the next point that's 4th is the best.....
    I have learnt few things from this post n 'll definitely implement in life... thanks for sharing yr thought.

    You can also check this one I have updated recently....
    6 essential tips to youth for success:

    1. Hey Abhirup. I am happy to know you found this post useful.
      I'll surely check out your post. 😊