June 08, 2016

Because I am too lazy to come up with a creative title...

Okay so recently (that is today) my little brother had a sudden whim to be a photographer and he decided to start with me (and that's because he didn't have any other options. Trust me we are always fighting) and me being the good elder sister agreed to help ✋πŸ»πŸ˜‡.  So taking advantage of this I thought maybe I'll just dress up a bit and then I can add the photos to the blog. But then it turned out to be just like other shoots I do for the blog only difference is this one was with a dslr. I own this canon 550D for 6 years now but I never really use it outside my trips. My iPhone does a pretty good job. And I don't know how to use a dslr properly (This is the real reason😭).

Anyways let me tell you about the outfit. As you can see this is a very casual purple dress with black floral design. Well I just realized I have too many casual floral dresses πŸ™„. I wore this on my 19th birthday during daytime. I think bodycon dresses suit me. And I paired it up with this beige and coral heels (this one is my favorite). Then accessorized a bit with this neckpiece I got from Claires. I think Claires has one of the best collection of accessories and that too at a very reasonable price.  
Very simple outfit. You can wear it anywhere you go.Be it brunch,shopping,movie with friends or a date maybe or if you are jobless like me you can just wear it at home and fool around. 

Dress: Vero Moda
Heels: Charles & keith
Neckpiece: Claire's 

Anyways thanks for reading.

Sumelika 😘

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  1. I wish my brother agreed to my photographer lol. And using a dslr is definitely easier than it looks! Thankfully the internet is filled with so many helpful tutorials :) Love the dress!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    1. Hahaha you can always bribe your brother :P
      That's true but I don't know why I don't seem to get good photographs when I try to shoot in manual mode. But I'm going to learn from now on. And thanks :)