Magic of Macau

July 28, 2016

An autonomous territory on the western side of the pearl river delta,Macau is quite a favorite place for honeymoon. Once a Portuguese colony,Macau as they call it, the place where east truly meets west. The only place where the exotic Portuguese culture blends beautifully with traditional Chinese culture. Famous for it's casinos, Macau is called the Las Vegas of Asia (Even though I strongly feel every place is different in it's own way).
Clean streets,clean environment with everything in such close vicinity, Macau is the perfect place to get around on your own.

After we were done with our two days stay in Shenzhen, we left for Macau. It was already evening but you know me. I am not a person who would stay in the room when I am in a different city. So I changed quickly and got down. Sat on the couch in the lobby and took full advantage of the free wifi!! (What?!! There was no free wifi in Disneyland and Facebook was banned in Shenzhen. I need to update man). But my happiness didn't last long. I soon had to go out for dinner.

Hotel Galaxy Macau

Just opposite to our hotel was the hotel Galaxy. It is supposed to be a hotel but never in my life I saw anything as amazing as that place. It had shops,restaurants,cinema,and even a casino (well all hotels in Macau,big or small,have their own casino). It was basically a hotel+multiplex+casino. It was an entire world in itself. You have no idea how many times I got lost in there. And even though I tried my best to enter the casino there was no way they would allow a 17 year old inside (you can't even use the toilet inside the casino if you are below 21. What if it was a big time emergency huh? No answer for that? Great 😤)

But Macau is just not about casino there's a lot more to it. So let's tell you about it.
The next day we were all set to go around for the city tour.

Ruins of St. Paul's

We started on with the ruins of St. Paul's. It's a 16th century structure built in baroque style. After being burnt down for three times only the front facade was intact. It is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Macau Tower

The next place on the list was the Macau tower,the city observation deck with shops,restaurants,theaters and you get a chance to do skywalk that is walking around the rim of the tower or even better you can bungee jump.

 I so badly wanted to do that but once I saw someone do it I lost all the confidence. It's damn scary. And this is the world's highest skyjump so you can imagine how scary it is. So I just enjoyed the view of the city.

Kun Iam Temple

The next place on the list was Kun Iam temple. It is a buddhist temple and one of the oldest and richest temples in Macau. You can see a lot of people visiting this place and offering prayers.

The Fisherman Wharf

We proceeded to the next stop, the fisherman wharf. It is a place where you can find replica of famous Greek and Roman structures. This place is basically for shopping and restaurants. We stopped by for our lunch and as usual I managed to do some shopping.

Golden Lotus Square

And the last stop for the day was Golden Lotus Square. It is an open square with a golden lotus in the centre. It is basically a photo stop.

It was New Year's Eve and even though we wanted to party somewhere,everyone out there prefers celebrating in the casinos so we had our small party in Mcdonalds. Even though it was not what I expected it was fun. 

The Venetian Macau

The next day we went to another amazing hotel, the Venetian Macau. It is a venice themed hotel with it's casino being the largest in thw whole world. This place also has shops and restaurants.

After exploring the place we were ready to leave for Hong Kong again. I was so mesmerized with the beautiful city. I definitely wanted to go back there and now that I'm soon turning 21, I have more reasons to be excited about it. 😁

Sumelika ❤️

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  1. Nice teaser post on Macau. :)

    You haven't mentioned which year you went there. Probably things are changed a bit? How many days were you there?

    1. Thank you.
      Actually it's a continuation of my earlier posts about Hong Kong and Shenzhen. But I probably should have mentioned the year here as well. Lol. It was in the year 2012 (December). We were there for 3 days. I am sure a lot has changed. But the things I mentioned here won't change much I believe. They are the favorite landmarks for tourists. Maybe there are more hotels and casinos now. And yeah you can go for the house of the dancing water show. :)

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