Aztec Romper

August 06, 2016

If you have read my previous posts you can pretty well guess that I am madly in love with boho fashion. I feel whoever loves reading,traveling,adventure or has this eagerness to know and discover the world around as well as within themselves, loves boho fashion too. Does that make any sense?? 🤔
But whatever it is boho looks are something nobody can ignore.

So once again I was in my zombie zone for weeks. Not going out anywhere,always in my bed eating ice cream, watching series and online shopping of course. But then trust me I have been trying to dress up and at least take pictures for the blog but damn!! I am so lazy. But today I finally did it. Yayy!! And it feels good to see yourself look like a civilized human being in front of the mirror once in a while. Really!!

So as usual I didn't have any clue what should I wear and stood in front of my wardrobe staring blanking at it for a while when I saw this aztec romper I got 2 years back. I wore it twice that year and then completely forgot about it. Only after I wore it today I realized how much I love it. Rompers are perfect for any occasions  when comfort is concerned. And aztec print just adds to the boho vibe. I paired it up with the gold toned sandals and the colorful bead bracelet. Now this bracelet was gifted to me by my best friend when we were in seventh grade and ever since then I almost wear it with everything possible (lucky charm I guess) and surprisingly it goes well with everything too. I wore a gold neckpiece and tied my hair on one side.

Romper: Local shop in Sriram Arcade (got it for Rs. 250)
Shoes: Shoetopia
Bracelet: Gift
Neckpiece (which hardly can be seen) : Backstage 

Sumelika ❤️

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