First shopping experience with Nykaa

August 29, 2016

When it comes to makeup I usually go minimal. Well not because I like it that way but because I am not at all an expert at it. It's like I am a kidergarten student when it comes to makeup. Trust me if I could do good makeup you would never see me without it. I believe makeup is an art and it takes a lot of talent to be a good makeup artist. Makeup done properly can do wonders and I have huge respect for everyone who can do it well because I know how difficult it is to do the perfect wing or the best contours. If you see my YouTube account I'm subscribed to every good makeup channel possible. And at least I am thankful I have learnt to do the basic. But from now on I am going to learn more and try to get better.

Anyway coming back to the topic, I purchased few products from . This is the first time I shopped from the website and also the first time shopped makeup online. I maybe a sucker for online shopping when it comes to clothes, but when it comes to makeup you have to keep few things in mind.
The color of the product may not be how you see it on screen.
The texture might be different (specially for lipsticks).
And most importantly if it's going to be genuine at all because your skin is involved.

But I have read some really good reviews about so I just wanted to give it a try.


Nykaa is an online store for beauty, skincare and haircare products. It has over 400 brands and over 40000 products. It delivers all across India.

The Website

It is very pretty and well organized with good navigation. You won't face any difficulties with finding the product you want.

Placing order:

Very simple. Choose the product. Add it to cart. Give your delivery details. Choose a payment method and place your order.
You can use coupon codes for discounts (I'll put a code at the end of the post).
There's an option for COD for orders over Rs. 500 and free shipping too.


Well I am kind of disappointed with the time it takes. But maybe it varies from city to city. It was written delivery within 2-3 working days. I placed my order on 18th August. There were 9 items. I received one on 24th and the rest on 29th of August. The packaging was good and the products were in perfect condition without any damage. Well arranged and packed.

My orders:

I order 7 lipsticks and 2 kohls. Well I wanted to be on the safer side. The three coloressece primea products I order i.e. Red alert, Bomb shell and Bamboo pink, I have been using these since forever. I was not sure if I would buy them but the shopkeeper insisted and since then they have become a necessity. The shades perfectly suit me. This is the 3rd 4th time I am buying them. Not because I have used them way too much but because I keep losing my lipsticks.

The other three lipsticks I got from Lakmé enrich satin are because I loved the shades. Specially the purple one. It's exactly the same shade Priyanka Chopra wears in Quantico and her lips just look amazing.

 And the last one is the regular coloressence in the shade fire desire.

And lastly two colossal kajals in crushed emerald and jewelled jade.

(I am thinking on doing a review on the products separately.)
All the products were exactly the same and they are 100% genuine.

Will I shop from Nykaa again?


The coupon code: NYKAAVCOM100 (get Rs. 100 off on purchase of Rs 1200 and above)

I hope you found this helpful.

Sumelika ❤️

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  1. Hello, Sumelika - this is Abhirup your friend.

    Although, I am a novice when it comes to women fashion(it's quite obvious, isn't it!)
    But, I loved to read the entire post(before going to the travel section - which I will be visiting next)... n 'll continue to do so because I liked the way you narrated the entire experience... as like a simple story.

    It gave me an impression ur kind at heart, innocent... & I like that.

    In a simple way you have well defined Nykaa(as a brand), it's user experience/design to even a novice like me. that's a quality worth appreciating.

    I have found you've interest in films too .... as you have very well used Quantico - Priyanka portion to define the color shades of your lipsticks.

    As a whole very well written...... story. I was engaged reading that.

    1. OMG this is like the longest comment ever. Thank you so much Abhirup for taking time and reading it and also showing interest in stuff which is of no help to you. :P I am really flattered. Thank you so much again. Your blog is great too. Although I wanted to leave a comment I found the procedure kind of complicated. But just know it your blog is awesome. Keep writing and keep working hard. My best wishes for you :D

  2. Well, did you visit the wordpress
    Oh, it's easy actually, just leave ur name, mail id, & ur web ID.
    No need to login like in case of blogger..... u need to sign in google acc.

    It's easy, well when u comment there it's really easy to to carry frwd ur feedback + my readers n fellow blogger can get to know u it's an advantage fr y too, trust me.

    Thank you for appreciating.

    1. I checked the one with google blogger. I would surely visit the other one :)