My journey till now

August 17, 2016

"Hey there", Says a very excited and happy Sumelika.

So finally I bought a domain name for my blog. yayyy😁. It was a sudden decision. I always had this on my mind that someday I am going to buy a domain name for my blog but I wanted to wait for at least one year. I thought maybe I'll gift the domain on my blog's first birthday but last evening when I was browsing through my blog I realised how much it means to me. This is something,no matter how small it maybe, that is totally mine. Probably the first thing which I have done completely on my own (my parents don't even know I write a blog...or write at all). So even though I knew there are many complications and problems that I have to face if I am changing a blog into a website which includes investing money, without a second thought I pressed the confirm button.

So let's start from the beginning.

I was going through a rough patch in my life last year. I was completely lost. You know the things happen when you become an adult and join college, meet new people, lose control over yourself, fall in love with wrong people, well something like that. I couldn't figure out anything and one after the other I made many wrong decisions. Well let's say I was in a toxic relationship. There were several occasions when I wanted to kill myself. I had always been a cheerful person. You would always spot me with a big bright smile on my face (My stupid pictures on the blog with all-teeth-out smile is the proof...c'mon at least I am learning to pose now huh). So yeah trying to kill myself meant something was seriously wrong with me. I was always fond of traveling. And I believe it's in my genes. My parents love traveling like anything. Both of them understand it's importance so I have been really blessed and I started with my travel tales right after I was born. We used to travel very often until I joined college. Things literally changed. We went to Thailand for the new year that's all. First year at medical school was hectic. There were so many times I wanted to give up and run away. I kept on shopping to feel good but after a certain point of time even shopping didn't help. And my relationship was another burden for me. I don't remember a single day I didn't cry. But I was too weak to let it go. Luckily my exams were good and I cleared my first year. So my dad surprised us with 4 tickets to Australia. And that trip completely changed me. It cleared my head, made me positive and I was strong once again. I learnt to let go off the toxicity.

After a long time I felt like I know what I want. Travel has always been my second love (First being Shah Rukh Khan), there has always been this passion in me when I am talking about foreign lands, their cultures and people. And I used to read different blogs a lot, so much that I wouldn't stop until my phone's battery die. I was so inspired I someday wanted to write my own blog. Even though I am not an expert at writing, I wanted to express myself and there was no better way (Writing my diary has always been my favourite part of day).  But I didn't know how to start. So I exactly did what I am supposed to do after I came back. I did a lot of research and finally in the month of December I wrote my first post. It was a lot of work initially. Everything was new and difficult. It required a lot of time and effort. I was not even sure about the name of the blog. I have always been in the habit of writing a diary. Writing a blog was similar, only difference was it won't be a secret anymore once I write here. I wrote the second post a week later. I didn't tell anyone about my blog. I was too scared and embarrassed. Nobody really knew the writer side of Sumelika. What if I end up looking like an idiot. I kind of gave up. This time we were going to Sri Lanka for New Year's. And I remember crying alone in the terrace of the hotel watching the fireworks in the sky while everyone was busy partying away the last evening of the year. I recalled the last new year and how things have completely changed this year. Hearts, promises, everything was broken. I recalled everything I went through the whole year, the year which had been a roller coaster ride, the year that broke me down to pieces, the year that completely changed me. But for the better. There was this sort of loneliness but soon I realised I am on my own now which means I am stronger than ever and free. And I promised myself everyday I spend this year is going to be better than the same day last year. I am going to replace all bad memories with good ones and good memories with even better ones. And most importantly I am going to follow my dreams and never give up and I joined the party soon. So as soon as I came back I continued with my blog and I shared my third post on Facebook. I was not scared of being judged anymore. Being a technologically handicapped person I didn't even know what SEO meant but I worked really hard and leant whatever I could to make my blog better. Even though I know very little about the technical parts but how much I know I learnt on my own and I am proud of that. As time went by this blog became lot more important to me. Writing here would be a stress buster, a source of happiness. So I decided to add other components too that I love and that's how I started with my fashion posts. I love dressing up just like any other girl and I would get a lot of compliments for my outfits so I decided to share my thoughts on fashion. I won't deny there have been various occasions when I was lost and didn't know what to do with my blog..(or my life) but deep inside I knew I would never give up on this. And this is the reason I started writing inspirational stuff. Maybe I write them here for others to read but frankly speaking I also write them for me. So that I can inspire myself when I am low. I genuinely believe that there is no bigger inspiration for us than ourselves. We can learn the best only from our own experiences.

Maybe this is just another blog for others but every time I look at my blog I see my strength. I see myself as a person who has come a long way and is a much better and happier person now. And even if I don't have thousands of readers everyday, I feel so happy even when I see 10 people reading my posts. Specially the times when I wouldn't write for days and I would still see so many page views everyday. It feels great when someone is appreciating something that means so much to you.

So with the new domain I promise to work even harder for this. (Well I have to since I have to re-register my new address with so many websites.) I lost my alexa rank too which was pretty good. But it's okay. I'll make sure things only get better from now on.

I know this post was too much personal and long too (Although I tried to make it as short as possible). So if you read till the end, thank you so much.
I know it sounds cliche but a huge thanks to everyone who has been with me all along the journey till now.

Sumelika ❤️

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  1. Hearty thanks and compliments for the candid sharing. Since it's candid and straight from your heart, it's bound to be honest as well. Good luck for everything in your life.

    Jitendra Mathur

  2. Its great to know about you Girl :)

    1. Awww that's so sweet of you. Thank you for those lovely words. Just made my day.
      Lots of love :)