Coloressence Premia Bamboo Pink Lipstick Review

September 15, 2016

As I mentioned in the post on my first shopping experience with Nykaa (Click here to read it), I wanted to do a review on the products separately. I was hesitant at first because honestly make up has never been on the list of my good qualities ( I can only do the basic). But I badly want to make it one of my good quantities now. So here's how I start working on it. And I also convinced myself saying that a review is sharing your personal experience with your readers. So study it, experiment with it, understand it and write about it. Simple as that.

As in most cases, the first make up product a girl begins with is a lipstick, I decided to review the Coloressence Premia Bamboo Pink lipstick which I have been using over two years now (See I chose a safer option :P).


So it comes in a silver, shiny, thin cardboard box with the the ingredients, price and other details printed in black.
The body is silver and reflecting made of light plastic material.
The cap covers the whole of the body. It is strong and sturdy and closes with a click.

Price and Quantity:

Rs. 250 for 4 gm


The color is one shade lighter than the colour of the bullet (Personal opinion). It's a very pretty shade of pink which can go with any skin tone. It goes perfectly with the girl next door looks ( No wonder I wear it a lot).


If you see the swatches you can see it's pretty much the same with one stroke or three. But it becomes  a bit cakey in the third stroke. So I would recommend going with two strokes.

L-R: 1, 2, 3 Strokes respectively


The texture is matte.


It is not very smooth to apply. If you are applying one stroke you can only do that with a lot of difficulty.


Easily removed without leaving behind any stain. Although after removal, the lips feel dry.

Staying Power:

The lipstick has a good staying power.
Does not bleed or transfer even after meals and drinks.
In fact I personally feel it looks better after a while and it looks more matte.


Not that prominent.


1. Affordable.
2. Good option for a beginner.
3. Easily available.
4. Pretty colour going with all skin tone.
5. Smooth texture.
6. Good staying power.
7. Proper pigmentation.


1. Application is difficult.

Will I buy again?

This is my third buy so you know my answer.

I hope you liked the post.

Sumelika ❤️

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