Sassy Stripes and the bloggers meet

September 07, 2016

So as you all know last Saturday I attended the fashion bloggers meet by . It's a newly launched shopping brand which provides women with exactly what they want, "Squeaky clean class with a bucket load of sass."

So let me tell you a little about how it all started. There are three founders behind the amazing brand, Karishma, Pooja and Monika. You can see it is completely a women driven brand. And it's a great plus point since only a woman can understand the fashion needs of another woman. So I totally love what they are doing. They are a great source of inspiration. And what I love more about them is all the three of them are from three different age groups. So their clothes cater to the needs of women of every age group.

They launched their brand last year in the month of november and their journey has been great till now. You can see the sincerity in their work.
As Karishma said, when we buy from websites which sell you products at Rs. 499 or 599 each, many of the times the trend quotient or the quality is compromised. So if you have a special occasion coming up where you don't want that compromise, you have to rush to the stores. So Sassy stripes provides you with the high street quality products at your doorsteps. The price range is from Rs. 899-2999 which is pretty affordable. The fabrics they use specially for the bodycon dresses are imported. So the price is pretty fair for the quality.

Now let's come to the design part. Their style of clothing are inspired from the designs at fashion weeks. They have blended the trends with their own style which you can wear in everyday life. I went through the clothes they had on display and they were actually amazing. The quality, the trend, the style, they actually deserve a space in our wardrobe. I pretty much loved all the outfits.

*Since I loved the food a lot it'll be unfair not adding a photo*

I am so thankful to Kolkata Bloggers for introducing me to sassy stripes and some amazing fellow bloggers. I got to meet some really awesome people and learnt a lot. 

And finally finally finally the photographer managed to take a good picture of me with the sassy stripes background. Yayy!!
what??!! at least it's not as bad as I thought :P

The photographs have been taken by Subro (the brand consultant) and his team (Some are by me. I hope you can guess that with the difference in the picture quality :P). So check out their website guys. It's

Okay now let's come to my favourite thing in the whole world. Discount!!

As they are launching their new collection next week, all the associated bloggers got their own coupon codes specially for their readers. So here's mine


you get a 15% discount on all their products using the code. So here's the link (Click here) and grab your piece of sass right now.

Sumelika ❤️

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  1. Hi, Sumelika.
    Once again it's Abhirup.

    This post wonderfully written along-with some great photographs(giving credit to our friend Shubro).

    Yes, that was a really good weekend genre specific meet-up organised by KolkataBloggers with Sassy Stripes & some amazing fashion bloggers - one like you.

  2. Oh, I just missed a point - You look great in the photo.

    1. Wow I am flattered again. Thank you so much Abhirup. You encourage a lot :)

  3. Nicely written post Sumelika... Keep up the good work. You look wonderful in this dress. :)

    1. Thank you so much Subro. You have been so helpful throughout :)

    2. You're most welcome, the pleasure is all mine.