Some Tips For Online Shopping

September 27, 2016

You might have a busy life or you are simply lazy, or maybe you are from a city that doesn't have your favorite brands or a market like Sarojini, well online shopping is the solution to all your problems.
Me being a lazy shopaholic, very much spend all my money on online shopping. It's a beautiful feeling. Waiting for the package to arrive and opening the box of joy just like you open a birthday present. But it is not always the box of joy. Sometimes it is the box of disappointment. And  it feels terrible. 
Online shopping is definitely a blessing but we need to keep few things in mind to have a good shopping experience. After so many years of online shopping, I can say I am experienced and somewhat expert at it now. So I decided to share with you all the lessons I have learnt so far.

Choosing a user friendly website:

It is very important to choose a good and trustworthy website or app. You will find numerous apps and websites but if you are new at it you should play it safe. A user friendly website with proper information about return, refund and exchange and contacting details is important.
There are a lot of websites which do not have any contact number neither do they mention about the policies clearly. It might seem unimportant at first but when you receive something that disappoints you, you will go back to the website only to get more disappointed.

Spending money wisely:

I believe if you are shopping online you should not spend too much on a single item. If you want to buy something expensive, go to the store (Taking into consideration you have that option).
You should take online shopping as a chance to explore different brands or designers (who are probably not even famous but make great stuff) and add variations to your wardrobe and also experiment with different styles without spending much. And if it's your first time at an app, then do not buy more than 2-3 items at once.

Picking the perfect item:

Do not stop after scrolling for 5-6 times. Online shopping needs dedication. You might find something really amazing right at the end. Now there maybe a thousands of products and after a certain point of time it gets really frustrating. So what you can do is use the filter or sort out button.
The first thing you should do is choose the size. That way a lot of items which are not available in your desired size gets removed.
Even though filtering size does most of the work, you can filter the price to choose an item at your budget or filter the colour, type, length etc for better and accurate results.

After you like an item:

The first thing you should do is zoom it and see. A lot of times I did not like the item after zooming it.
The next thing you should check is the product details. For example some items look like cotton until you read this part and find out it's polyester.
The next thing is to check the size chart. The sizes vary from brand to brand. So if the item you picked is from a brand you never bought before check their sizing.
I have had problems with shoes a lot of times. So you should know the length of your sole in cms and check the chart.
And finally read the product review by other buyers.

Placing the order:

You should check your pin code if COD is available. I think COD is better and more convenient but I have never really faced any problem with cards either. But if it's your first shopping then COD is better. Almost all Indian sites have an option for COD. But cards are better if you want a refund. That takes me to the next point.

Return and refund:

Before placing the order, check the return and refund policies of the website. Some websites won't pick up from locations where they would otherwise deliver. If you are not happy with the product you probably have to go to the post office and courier it yourself and you obviously don't want that.
If you have sizing issues then you can just exchange which is pretty much simple. But other than that you have no other option but to return and get the refund. With COD as your payment method you either have to get the credit in your shopping account or you have to give bank details and stuff for getting a return. I think this is sort of complicated. So with card they just return you the money directly on the card you paid with. So that's one advantage of using a card.

Customer service:

If some websites do not provide provide proper information but you really want to buy something you liked a lot, you can call them up and ask your doubts.
Some even initiate returns only after calling them and asking for it.

Time of delivery:

Usually most of them deliver pretty fast nowadays but some just don't in spite of promising a fast delivery. So check with their website. The popular shopping apps are really fast. You can count on them.

And lastly discounts:

Almost all of the shopping apps have some kind of discounts or the other. There are coupons that may not be showing in the app but if you google you'll surely find something. So just look for them because even a 10% discount is better than paying full.

I hope you found this helpful.

P. S. I would like to thank my friend Shrea for specially making this sketch for my post. You are a sweetheart.😘

Sumelika ❤️

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  1. Thanks for the great tips sumelika...

  2. Dear friends! You have provided excellent online shopping tips! I will definitely follow them when necessary. Thank you for the contribution!