I am going to Egypt

October 08, 2016

A quick update from the airport:😍

When I started this blog it was all about travel but as time went by I started broadening my content and now I realise I haven't posted anything related to travel for a really long time. I feel guilty and bad at times but since I don't get to travel a lot nowadays I can't help it. But finally finally finally I am going to Egypt today and I am so happy and excited. So those of you who liked reading my travel posts, you'll get some new stuff to read now. 😁
Okay so let me tell you everything. Well we had a plan for a trip since a really long time but thanks to my college and the never ending exams I had to wait this long. My final exams are still left but we get a 10-12 days of holiday for Durga Puja. Even though it feels terrible for a Bengali to be anywhere outside Calcutta during this time but this is the only holiday I get. I am happy I atleast got to spend two days of Puja in the city. 😊
Anyways getting back to the trip, it's an eight day trip and we are going to cover four cities, Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan and Luxor. This is the first time I'll ever be visiting an African country (yes Egypt is in Africa. It's not a middle Eastern country. I googled). Wooohooo so excited. 😍 We are going to see the pyramids, we have a three day cruise over the river Nile. One of my childhood dreams finally coming true and I couldn't be any happier. I can't wait to be there.

P.S. I'll be posting a lot of pictures on my instagram and Facebook page. So stay connected.
Also, I'll be posting snapchat stories so if you want to see them you can add me on snapchat. Just type sumelika  and you'll get me.

Sumelika ❤️

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  1. Wow!! The lines are so scintillating yet lucid... Filled with emotions. It's really a pleasurable experience to read your blogs as one can very easily connect with the feelings and emotions. It makes us feel that we are in that p[lace. Please write such amazing stuffs which mesmerizes us in every possible way. Really loved reading each of your blogs. Continue the good work.