Tips to stay stylish while traveling+Egypt lookbook: Airport outfit

October 23, 2016

I have been getting a lot of compliments for my outfits that I wore in Egypt so I decided to create a lookbook from my trip. Since it's very difficult to look stylish while you are traveling, I really did not have any plans for style posts on the blog so don't mind if I can't put enough pictures at times. Moreover who takes their own picture when the place is so beautiful. ( I am lying. Only if they were not selfies..)
So with this look book series, I am also going to give you guys some tips on how to look stylish while you travel that I have learnt over the years.
First let me tell the disadvantages.
1. Limited luggage.
2: You don't have enough time to get ready.
3. After a certain time you stop caring how you look.

But the advantages are:
1. You get creative.
2. You learn to wear the same thing differently.
3. You choose and shop wisely.
(That's basically one point written in three different ways. But my intention is to motivate so let's say it's three only :P)

Anyways let's come to the first look:

It's the mandatory airport look. Well generally I wouldn't have posted this. But after getting into fashion blogging I have taken airport fashion seriously. And the other and the more honest reason is I had a lot of time waiting in airports so a lot of time for photos. Woohooo. But trust me I had given a lot of thought into the outfit (even if you don't want to believe).

So all I learnt about airport fashion is from the pictures of celebrities spotted at the airport. It's very simple:
1. Wear casual, comfy and if possible quirky.
2. Sneakers specially a white one since it's in the trend right now. (Even if some people think you are wearing school keds).
3. Get the no-makeup makeup look. (And don't think it's easy. You have a bunch of YouTube videos teaching you how to wear a dozen makeup so that it looks like you are not wearing makeup.)
4. And finally have that attitude and style and pretend like you don't even know you are getting clicked.
Got it?

I wore a black crop top, black sort of faded jeans, black choker, and if you can see (cause I am so stupid I didn't click a proper picture) a black backpack with golden and white print. I accessoried more with this super cool loudspeaker pendant. Also I was carrying a shrug in the bag as it really gets cold in the flights as well as in the airport. And I finished the look with my white sneakers. tadaaa.

And..okay it's an honest confession but I think wearing a choker was not a good idea when flying. I don't know about others but it really gets uncomfortable after some time. So I removed it once I was feeling sleepy. And the no makeup makeup that took me hours, I had to remove that too.

Top: KOOVS (Click here)
Jeans: Forever 21 (Similar in navy)
Choker: Blueberry (Click here)
loudspeaker pendant: KOOVS (Click here)
Sneakers: New Look (Click here)

I hope you liked this post 😊 ('Cause I literally spent hours googling celebrity airport looks before I decided to come up with this 😜)

Also you can check out my travel posts, Egypt part 1 (here) and part 2 (here).

Sumelika ❤️

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