Egypt Lookbook: Elegantly Edgy

November 09, 2016

This outfit is also another favourite one. Actually there's a funny story. I wore this outfit to Abu Simbel. Since I still didn't write about the travel part and the fashion post is coming before it, I will tell you guys a little about it. So basically we had to leave at 3 'o' in the morning from our cruise as it was a 4 hours continuous drive from Aswan. Also Abu Simbel is at the Sudan border and there's security and safety involved so we had police convoy before and after us. Of course there were other tourist buses too (we ain't VIPs :P) . But anyway coming to the point (Ughh I talk so much outside of topic), the night before I was gossiping so much with my newly found friends I went off to sleep very late. In fact I hardly slept. So I just picked up whatever I found in my luggage as I was already running late. And this is the result. Tadaa.

So, basically it didn't turn out to be a disaster, in fact I really liked the combo. So, I wore this beautiful coral maxi top which is so classy and elegant and paired it up with my favourite pair of leggings with the net detailing at the thigh area. I accessorised with this beautiful tribal sort of necklace and the best friend bracelet which magically goes with every thing and completed the look with my favourite pair of white sneakers. I absolutely love the blend of class and the edginess in this look. Oh and how can I forget the hat. my saviour and a staple fashion item for the desert.

What I am wearing:
Leggings: StalkBuyLove
Sneakers: New Look
Neckpiece: Backstage (From Sri Lanka)
Bracelet: Gifted
Hat: Australia (Free gift..haha)

I hope you like this look or even better, if you love this look..because I love it soooo much. And you can check out the other outfits from my lookbook series. They are pretty cool too. 
Even though I am lazy, just like a good blogger I'll put the links here. :P
(The 1st, 2nd and the 4th are my favourites..and 3rd and 5th too..yeahh.. :P)

And yeah check out the travel posts too. Even though I am not that great at writing down the emotions or experiences perfectly but I try. :P

Sumelika ❤️

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