Egypt Lookbook: The Floral Kimono

November 05, 2016

So I am back with another post from my Egypt Lookbook series. Who's excited?? Meeeeeeee :P (And only me :'(...Just kidding..there are 10-15 other people too..I know :P).
So before I get into my post there's something I want to talk about first. I have been blogging for quite some time now and I realised my posts and very much one way. You know like I don't get enough comments compared to the page views I get. I know a lot of you like reading my blog (Blogger and Google analytics don't lie :P) but then I want to interact with you all more and maybe share ideas about fashion or travel anything that we both like. Since I am still very new to blogging and also introvert in nature (only in the beginning) I really don't know how to interact with readers. So I came up with this idea which will be fun too (hopefully). I want you all to send me pictures of your favourite outfit or look of yourself and write something about it and  I will be so happy to feature you on my blog. I really want to know more about my readers. I am really curious and this will be a great way so if you like the idea then just contact me. :)❤️

Coming to the outfit, I wore this beautiful floral kimono culotte jumpsuit on the fourth day of the trip. I barely had enough space to stand in the train. Getting properly ready for the day was out of question. All I craved for was a bathroom so that I can take a long long shower. But this outfit was so colourful it lightened up my dull mood and somehow I gained some energy to roam around for a while.
So I paired this (I am writing 'this' because the name is too long..kimono..culotte..jumpsuit..and okay the sentence got even bigger) up with that same embroided sandal (It was a life saver) and accessorised with a black choker, my lucky bracelet and a hat (something to keep away the heat from burning my face and hair anymore).

See I even put flowers on my hair to match the floral outfit

What I am wearing:
'This' :P (Kimono) : KOOVS
Sandal: Bangkok
Choker: Blueberry (Click here)
Bracelet: Gifted
Hat: Australia (Free gift from Australian outback show and if you want to read about my time there then just click here).

So that's it. I am really sorry for so less pictures. I didn't have any plan to do outfit posts from before so didn't click enough pictures of mine. I hope you liked it anyway.
Also, Check part 1, 2, 3, 4 of the series. And if you want to read my travel experience in Egypt then You can check them on the blog too. :)

Sumelika ❤️

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