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November 04, 2016

Chapter 4:

12th October 2016

A night train journey from Cairo which I absolutely hated (The train was really dirty and looked so unhygienic), we finally reached the sunniest city in the south of Egypt, Aswan. Aswan has a distinctive African atmosphere with a slow paced, laid back lifestyle. With beautiful scenery and many sights of interest, this upper Egyptian city also offers a taste of ancient Egyptian tribes called The Nubians.
Now you might wonder I said Aswan is a south Egyptian city at first and then I called it an upper Egyptian city. That brings me to another fun fact.

Funfact #4: The southern part of Egypt is higher in altitude than the north, therefore Nile flows down from the south to the north and joins the Mediterranean Sea which we saw in the post on Alexandria. Therefore, as the Nile flows from South to North, the south part is called upper Egypt amd the north is called lower Egypt.

So we reached Aswan at around 8-8.30 im the morning. Aswan, which was formerly known as Souan, used to be a famous place for trade. In fact, Souan in arabic means market.

As soon as we got out of the station we hopped onto a bus for a city tour of Aswan. The first place was to visit Aswan High Dam.
Aswan High Dam is built on the River Nile stretching from Aswan to Sudan. It is backed up by Lake Nasser which is the biggest artificial lake in the whole world. On our way we were told about the stories on how the dam was built, the various problems they had to face. If you want to know just google it because honestly I didn't listen. 😜
But the view was totally breathtaking and picture perfect. Even though it was really sunny and hot I liked strolling around for a while.

The next place we went to visit was the Philae Temple. We had to take a boat to the island. The temple of Philae is dedicated to Goddess Isis, the goddess of magic and life giving. This was the first time I entered an Egyptian temple and I couldn't help but admire the grandeur of it. The beautiful inscriptions on the walls with the kings giving offerings to the Gods, the construction of the gates keeping in mind and calculating the position of sun, everything was so perfect and magical. And the location in the island added to the feel. It was one of the best experiences of the trip till then.

We went to a perfume shop after that. They had so many perfumes to try from and the best part was they were alcohol free. And not only there were perfumes, they had various herbs and oils too to the general well being of the body. Well the whole point of writing about it is we all got a free oil massage. haha :P

The next stop was the unfinished obelisk. This was ordered by Queen Hatshepsut to complement the Lateran Obelisk. However it started having cracks during construction and they had to stop the work. The base remains so we get an idea how obelisks were made in ancient Egypt. Also if this obelisk could be complete it would have been the biggest one. Wait, do you know what an Obelisk is? I didn't know either until I saw one at Karnak :P. I'll soon post about it and add the pictures for you to see. :D
So we got down from the bus and I don't know why but we literally climbed a mountain so that we get a view from top. It was all our Egyptian friend's idea and I got so angry. All I wanted to do was take a bath. So as soon as we got down from the bus we left for our cruise to check in.

I'll continue again in the next post. Till then you can read the earlier posts of the series.
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Sumelika ❤️

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