MeNow Kissproof Lipstick And Aliexpress Shopping Review

November 26, 2016

So here I come with another review/beauty post. If you have read my earlier posts, you know I have trust issues when it comes to online shopping. So I pretty much stick to limited brands and websites. But after I started blogging, I have got this urge to try new websites and brands.
Well, I finally decided to shop from an international website. This is my first international online shopping on my own. I know about Aliexpress from a long time. The prices are so great there it's hard to believe it's not spam. Moreover I always thought international online shopping is very complicated so I never really thought I would buy anything.
But recently my friend told me about these amazing lipsticks from Menow and I could only find all the shades there. I loved them all and I wanted to buy all the 19 shades so I just thought let's give it a try.

Menow kissproof lipstick

I first read the reviews thoroughly. After reading over 100 reviews I decided to place the order. Along with the lipsticks I had another order too.
I placed both the orders on the 27th of October.

Placing the order

It's pretty simple. Just like all the other websites. Most items are shipped for free. But if you want them faster you can choose your preferred mail and they will charge you some extra money. They also show the amount in your preferred currency along with the price in dollars while viewing the item.


I received the lipsticks yesterday. So it almost took a month. Compared to some Indian websites this is so much faster. I didn't have to pay any custom too.

MeNow KissProof Lipstick

Coming to the lipsticks, I have been obsessing about these since the time I first saw their review on Youtube. I had to buy them. Buy them all. I am madly in love with matte lipsticks so I wanted to get all the shades.
Anyways let me tell you about the lipsticks.

Menow kissproof lipstick

According to the brand, Menow Pro Powdery matte kiss proof soft lipstick is a liquid lipstick which instantly lifts and hydrates lips. It gives rich Creamy, Long wearing color.


The price on the website keeps varying, but most probably it's 1 pound each. I got all the 19 of them for around $21.59 which is Rs. 1500. Currently it is $34.50.


The packaging is pretty awesome compared to the price. Each box is labelled with shade number with a small cut out on the side to show the color. The ingrdients are mentioned on the box and inside it you can find a small instruction brochure.

Menow kissproof lipstick
Menow kissproof lipstick
Menow kissproof lipstick
Menow kissproof lipstick

The lipstick

Menow kissproof lipstick

It's not a liquid lipstick. It's pencil lipstick which needs to be sharpened. I received a sharpener with my order. It's not very smooth but can be applied easily. I tried one lipstick and wore it yesterday the whole day. As it claims it is indeed kissproof. It stays on lips, do not transfer even when you eat. It's actually very much long lasting.
However it doesn't really moisturize your lips but doesn't dry them either.
It's very difficult to remove but once you remove it, there's no stain on the lips.
I would tell you a simple method.
Before applying, use a lip scrub to exfoliate and quickly put a lip balm. Wait for 10 mins and apply these matte lipsticks. This method works great for all matte lipsticks.


1. Price very cheap.
2. So many color options.
3. Kissproof.
4. Perfect matte.
5. Easy to apply.
6. Long lasting power.
7. No stain after removal.


1. Not easily available in India.


Love love love them.

So that's it. I hope this review was useful.

Sumelika ♥

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  1. Amazing!!

  2. very nicely written,liked ur review.

  3. Online Shopping For Lipstick I have never seen these menow lip products. They look really pigmented and very nourishing on the lips

    1. Don't think they are nourishing on the lips but they are very pigmented.