Off To Abu Simbel

November 15, 2016

Chapter 4

13th October 2016

Abu simbel

The day begins at 3 am in the morning as we leave for The Abu Simbel temple which is 288 km from Aswan. It is a non stop journey of 3 hours 25 minutes through the desert with police convoy before and after us as the route is not safe. Abu Simbel is located just at the Sudan border.

Sunrise On the desert

By 7 'o' clock we reached the place. After a walk about half a kilometres we reached the temple.

Abu simbel

Now we have a very beautiful (Kind of) story here. King Rameses II loved women a lot. So he married 46 women (That's just the recorded number). Among all of them his favourite queen was Queen Nefertari from Africa. So to show his love for her he built a temple for her and the reason why it is here at the Sudan border is because he wanted her people to see how much he loved her.
When the Aswan dam was getting built, the temple went under Lake Nasser and was excavated later and shifted on a higher level. The temple is named after a little boy from that region who knew the temple well and helped the architects to discover it.
Also it was built in such a way that on King's birthday the sunlight directly enters the hall of holies.

Abu simbel
This one right here is for the queen

Abu simbel
The front facade
Abu simbel
Lake Nasser

That's a mirage on the desert

After some breakfast and coffee we got back on the bus for our long journey back to the cruise and finally it started sailing.

Towel Art <3

In the evening we stopped at the Kom Ombo temple. Everyone in the cruise went to see it except for me and my friend. We had some fun by the pool instead. And even though we enjoyed a lot I kind of regret missing Kom Ombo. Although I saw it from far (that's my only way of consoling myself).

Loved the view from my room

Pretending to be Rose from Titanic while everyone is at Kom Ombo

After our dinner we had a Galebia party. Galebia is the traditional Egyptian dress. Honestly I was feeling so tired that day I went in my jeans. But the party was totally worth it. We played, we danced.
Infact we had a belly dance competition and I ended up doing some bollywood steps the music went on for so long. :P

I really wish that night never ended..

I hope you liked this can check out the previous posts from my egypt trip.

You can check out the video I made when I missed Kom Ombo. It's pretty cool.

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