The Diwali Outfit

November 01, 2016

Hey everyone..
So as you can see I have kind of paused my Egypt posts. Well in India we are celebrating Diwali, the Festival of Lights, so I kind of got busy with that. However, I loved my outfit so much that I had to share it on the blog as soon as possible. In fact I usually share the photos of the day itself but this time we enjoyed so much I didn't have time to shoot. (I am lying. Nobody clicked my pics they were so busy.)
So I wore the outfit again today and shot for the blog.

Diwali is an Indian festival so everyone wears traditional clothes. But as they tend to get too heavy you can't really enjoy in them. So I opted for an Indo-western look or rather an Indian look with sort of western clothes. So basically I wore a pink crop top with a beautiful crisscross at the back and paired up with a printed maxi skirt. This gives a look like I am wearing a lehenga choli but it's actually a skirt and top. To make the look more Indian I accessorized with a golden necklace and a traditional gold bangle. And finally I finished the look with a pair of blue stilettos with stone work on them.

What I am wearing:
Top:  Veni Vidi Vici (Click here)
Skirt: Gerua (Click here)
Necklace: Accessorize
Bangle: Mum's
Stilettos: Nell

So I hope you liked this post. Happy Diwali once again. 🎆

Sumelika ❤️

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