12 Lessons I have Learnt This Year

December 09, 2016

It is said that every moment in your life you learn something new. Some are very small and some are so significant that you can call them lessons, something that makes an impact on your life and remould it in some way or the other.
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Since 2016 is coming to an end, it is the perfect time to look back into the whole year and remember all the lessons we have learnt this year to be better prepared for the upcoming year. So let's see all the lessons I have learnt this year...about life..and also about myself..

1. It is important that you dream, but it has no value unless you make an effort to do it. And this is the lesson I learnt after I started writing my blog. I always wanted to write a blog for years but I was never confident. I was scared I won't be able to do it. But only after I started doing it instead of constantly thinking about it I realised what I am capable of.

2. We should never be afraid of trying new things. Okay I don't mention this to everyone but at the beginning of this year I joined dance classes. And no I am not embarrassed. I don't tell people because the moment I tell them they'll keep asking me to dance. I mean I have just started. I was never a bad dancer though. In fact I am the one person who knows all the Bollywood steps by heart and I have been asked several times if I go for dance classes in family functions and all. So I thought why not actually join and learn more about it. My dad obviously was not happy about it. He is very worried about studies all the time. But I knew I had to do it. So 1 fine day I just went and joined. And my classes have been great so far. I learnt so many cool stuff, made some great friends and this was really one of the best decisions I have made.

3. Traveling gets you in touch with your inner self more. I have always known that. But the more I travel, the more I feel in touch with my soul. I am a completely different person while traveling. Carefree, happy, not at all shy or socially awkward. I feel like a free bird every time I travel.

4. I have also learnt it's okay to be shy or socially awkward. I take a little time to get along. So I used to think this is bad. But no it's not. It's actually a good thing to take time or wait. I mean I am a very honest person and I can't really fake a friendship or anything. If I feel a good vibe from you I'll be the best friend you always needed but if I don't get a good vibe I'll just stay ten thousand miles away from you. I don't get along with everyone but when I do, you get a special place in my heart. But I am nice and kind to everyone in general.

5. Also, don't wait or it'll take forever. If you want to do something and it's very important for you just go for it. For example, I love watching movies but I would always go with someone. Same goes for shopping or eating out. But I have missed out on many things because I didn't have anyone to accompany me. So if I just have to do something and there's no one with me, I'll simple do it alone. Yes I go watch movies, shopping and eating alone and I totally enjoy it. In fact most of the time I enjoy it more than going out with people.

6. It's very important to spread love and kindness. It doesn't cost us anything but can make someone else's life better.

7. Being a doctor is not difficult because you have too much to study, it's difficult because you have to deal with human emotions and sentiments. Till my first year of college I used to think a good doctor is a person who knows Gray's Anatomy by heart and talks physiology all the time but only after I started interacting with patients in my second year I saw the pain and suffering of people from a different side and realised I have so much responsibility towards them. This is really going to be difficult.

8. It's okay to fail or make wrong choices. It only takes you to the right thing.

9. 90% problems are in our head. We need to work and train our mind. It's difficult but this is the only way to solve your problems. Basically meditation is a necessity.

10. Not everything is made for you. So I am a person who is very much against smoking and weeds. I mean I do have friends who are into it and I totally respect their choice of lifestyle but I personally hate it. But I always wanted to try alcohol once in a while. With my parents permission I did get to drink at certain occasions and one of my favourite memory was drinking champagne at the top of Eiffel Tower. But then I started hanging out with people who are always in a bar or a club and somehow I don't know if it's peer pressure I started drinking with them too. I mean one of them was my best friend for years but she changed and I was just trying to be at pace with her so that I don't lose her. I clearly didn't enjoy that. And one evening I got badly high, I was almost unconscious, I couldn't stop puking, my friend asked a random stranger for a lift and my family got to know and more than anything they were scared. I was so ashamed of myself and I felt so sick and guilty. My family never stopped me from anything and what I did behind their back was really bad. I know I sound too sanskari type by I love and care for my family a lot and I have huge respect for every member in my family. They mean the world to me. Drinking is fun but I guess not for me. Maybe I'll drink again only in the Eiffel tower like moments which I can remember forever.

11. Family is the most important thing in my life. As I said in the last point. But that's just one example. They have always supported me through everything.
Best friends are family too. After passing from school I learnt that our schools gift us with the best people on earth. The more time passes by I get more fonder of them. My best friends are my family and I actually mean that.

12. And lastly, you have to pay a huge price for every lesson you learn in life. A life changing lesson never comes for free. You want it or not, you pay a price for it.

So that's all. I didn't want to share so much details about my life but somehow I just got very personal with the post and poured my heart out. Well at least it feels better when you can be completely honest with your readers and also with yourself.

Sumelika ♥

This post is written in line with the Indispire prompt:

12 lessons you have learnt this year. Write about the significant or even not so significant things that happened to you this year which changed you and helped you grow and made you a better person in some way or the other. #lessonslearnt

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  1. Loved the lessons, Sumelika. We all learn the best lessons the hard way, don't we?

  2. Well written. Among all the points mentioned, 9th and 12th are what most of us fail to understand. A very motivating piece of writing.

  3. nicely written ... hope u will hop for contest on my blog http://wp.me/p51VX6-FC

  4. Nothing comes free, not even lessons of life :)