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January 06, 2017

Hello people,

So I have been blogging for quite some time now and I get a lot of questions now and then related to my blog. So I decided to interact with you all and answer all your questions. Questions related to travel, fashion, beauty, my personal life or blogging in general. I posted about it on my social media and to my surprise I received a lot of questions. I went live on Facebook for the very first time and it was an amazing experience. I was having so much fun and it went on for nearly an hour. Almost 600 views and a lot of questions. I am so happy with the response and I am going to answer all your questions here.

Fashion Blogger Kolkata

1. When are you blogging about LGBTQ+ fashion? I'd love to cover that for our newspaper. (Meghna Roy)

(So Meghna and I know each other since our school days and she's a very talented writer herself. I am so proud to know someone so awesome personally)

Thank you so much for asking this question. I never really thought about it. But it sounds very interesting. I have to do a lot of research and once I feel like I am starting to understand the concept and the depth it has, I am surely going to write about it.

2. Why blog? (Hemant Kumar)
Well I never really thought deeply about it or made plans and neither did I expect anything in return. I started blogging because I liked the idea of it. I think it's a great way for anyone to express themselves. It is a great career option too but the reason I do it because I love it. It makes me happy. I started blogging at the point of time in my life when I needed a change and nothing could have been better than blogging. So I love it and it is an important part of my life now.

3. How can I get collaboration for my blog? (Shohrat Jahan)
(another friend and fellow blogger)
Okay I really don't have too many collaborations in my hands but I did a few. First of all let me tell you the various kinds of collaborations.
a. You write for someone else.
b. You let someone else write for your blog.
c. Collaborate with brands.
d. Collaborate with other bloggers of the same niche.
I think it's very important to post on a regular basis to build a loyal audience base.
You should have a clean template and you should have a separate page which is easily visible where you should mention you are interested in collaborations.
And it's better if you provide with a with a contact form on your sidebar.
Also be active on social media and build a good instagram feed and follow brands who usually collaborate with bloggers to get to know more about the types of collaboration they do and you can approach accordingly.
And lastly be a part of blogger communities.

4. Who's your inspiration? (Sanchita Banerjee)
My inspiration is Naty Michele. She's a wonderful person and she has a great fashion sense. I have been following her since 2011 I guess and I liked her so much I wanted to be like her. So she's the reason I wanted to start a blog in the very first place.

5. Do you think you have grown as a person, as you traveled more and met new people? Did any particular person influence your fashion? (Shalini Mondal)

(Shalini is my best friend forever and she's my life)
Okay Shalu you pretty much know everything about me and I'll still answer it for others.
I have definitely grown as a person. Travel always brings out a better version of me. I have met so many different people while traveling. Different culture different background but I felt someway we all are connected. And that is by our passion for travel. So in a way we are very same. But you definitely get to learn new things from them.
I can't recall any particular person I met while traveling who influenced my style but again if it's inspiration it definitely is Naty Michele.

6. Next trip? (Barna Sarkar)
Well I want to go to so many places but right now the places that literally call me are Maldives, Mauritius, Dubai and USA. I definitely want to go to one of the places very soon.

7. Suggest a lip colour for dark skin tone. (Barna Sarkar)
Okay I think dark purple in matte really looks great on dark skin. Also dark browns. Try to stay away from some nudes. They don't really flatter dark skin tone. Go for soft nudes though. Like soft pink or mauve. And a bright red looks good on everyone.

8. Matte lipstick color for fair skin tone (Sanchita Banerjee)
I think nudes are a great option for fair skin. Also red and bright pinks and oranges look great.

9. How much attention do you pay to fashion in the way you dress? (Sanchita Banerjee)
Depends. There's a quote I dress up like I am either going to a red carpet event or I am a homeless beggar. There's nothing in between. That perfectly suits me. When I put effort I make sure I give my 100% or else I won't put any effort at all.

The next few questions are by Subhasis Mukherjee.

10. What according to you is the best place you have traveled to?
Can't choose. I love everywhere I have been to, and also the places I haven't been to. Every place teaches you something and you learn a lot about yourself as well. But Australia has been very special to me. It made me strong and taught me what I am capable of. That was the most important trip of my life. But all the places I have been to, have taken a special place in my heart.

11. The most romantic place you have been to.
Since I am a Shah Rukh Khan fan, it definitely has to be those beautiful European countries. I love Venice. It's definitely my favourite. But there's Paris and Switzerland on the list as well.

12. What do you like about SRK?
The whole of him. I love every cell of that person from the bottom of my heart, mind and soul.

13. Did you face any kind of racism abroad?
Yes I did. When I was in London, it was a mean security guard at Madame Tussauds. And also once in Switzerland. My brother saw a cute puppy and went to cuddle it but the lady (who was not at all ladylike) shooed my brother away who didn't understand why someone would behave like that because he was only 8-9 year old back then. But this doesn't really matter because I have met so many amazing people that this seems very insignificant to me.

14. How do you balance between MBBS and blogging? (Rima, Abhirup (my two blogger friends) and also Hemant Kumar)
Okay, I am not a person who studies all the time. But when I study, even for a little while I concentrate completely on that.  But yes, MBBS is hectic and there's a lot of pressure. And that's the reason I write my blog. As I always say my blog is an outlet for everything I love and strongly feel. My blog takes me away from all these pressure. It takes me to a different place. It's like, because of blogging I am able to balance my life. So there's no extra pressure. It in fact reduces the pressure. I love blogging and after doing it for a year I have realised I am meant for it. So both MBBS and my blog are important in my life. I need them together for a balance. MBBS brings out my practical side and Blogging, my creative and crazy side. And I believe you need both for a balanced life.

15. Why don't you become an Youtuber and do makeup tutorials? (Ishika Chakraborty)
I really wish someday I can start a youtube channel. But it's a difficult job and requires much more hard work than writing a blog. I need to learn a lot of technical stuff as well. I hope I can start my Youtube channel soon.

16. Are you single? (Abhinav Gupta)
Happily :D

17. Do you plan on traveling by yourself anytime soon? (Shalini)
Yes of course. It's my dream to travel the whole world solo. But I don't know if it's going to be soon. I need to graduate my college first because our college doesn't give us enough holidays and in fact takes them and puts exams (Like my whole christmas and new year was spent studying for and worrying about exams). But I know I will definitely find a way to fulfil my dreams.

I hope I answered all the relevant questions. If I missed any then I am really sorry but I tried my best and answered as much as I could. Hope you liked my answers. Thank you so much for the love and support. I was really overwhelmed by the number of questions I got.

Sumelika ♥

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