Review Of Spice Lipkit From Kylie Cosmetics

March 19, 2017

Either go dark or go nude, there's nothing in between. That is quite the scene in the lipstick world. We are all so obsessed with nudes and dark lips this season. I am more of a dark lips person though. So I have been looking for a dark purple shade for a really long time and when I saw Spice I knew this is what I exactly wanted. I had to get it. And finally after such a long wait, I have it. So here I am with the review of the Spice Lipkit from  kylie's Halloween collection.

Review Of Spice Lipkit by Kylie Cosmetics


It comes in a huge fancy box. It has the famous Kylie lipstick dripping lips logo in front where the colour is co-ordinated with the lipstick shade. The sides of the box are colour coordinated as well.

Review Of Spice Lipkit by Kylie Cosmetics

The back of the box has Kylie's tips and the ingredients of the lipstick and lip liner mentioned. On top of the box, the name of the shade, that is, Spice, is written.

Review Of Spice Lipkit by Kylie Cosmetics

Review Of Spice Lipkit by Kylie Cosmetics

Once you open the box it is divided into two compartments, each of which contains the lipstick lipstick and the lip liner.

Review Of Spice Lipkit by Kylie Cosmetics

The liquid lipstick comes in a transparent tube. There are some detailing in black with drips and Kylie's signature. The applicator is a small doe foot applicator.
The lip liner is a pencil liner with a black body where Kylie's signature and Spice is written in silver and the bottom is colour coded. It is not a twist up liner so you need to sharpen it. It had a black cap which closes tightly.

Review Of Spice Lipkit by Kylie Cosmetics

Price And Quantity

The Lipkit costs $29 which is around Rs. 2000.
The Lipstick is 3.25 ml and the liner is 1 gm.


The colour as I mentioned earlier is a dark purple, raspberry-plum sort of shade. This is undoubtedly my favourite colour any day. I don't mind wearing it any time of the day any time of the year.

Review Of Spice Lipkit by Kylie Cosmetics

Since, I thought my parcel will never me, and I was so crazy about this shade, I bought some similar shades. So I am going to give you two dupes (Well almost).
1. MAC Rebel : The shade is pretty similar but it is from the satin collection.
2. Sugar Smudge me not - Wine And Shine : A little Lighter shade but it is matte.

Review Of Spice Lipkit by Kylie Cosmetics


Pigmentation of the Lipstick is amazing but avoid applying more than once or it might get patchy. I would say follow Kylie's tip. Apply the liner all over your lips and then apply one coat of the lipstick. In fact the liner is so well pigmented you can skip the lipstick at times. Just use the liner as a crayon lipstick and you are good to go. 


Lip Liner : It is very creamy and smooth to apply. It was very difficult swatching on the hand but it turned out to be really smooth on the lips.
Lipstick : The lipstick too, is very easy to apply and the applicator works great. It is sturdy and does not bend. 


The lipstick has a thick formula and dries down really quickly giving a matte finish.

Staying Power And Removal

The staying power is amazing. There's no smudging, no transfer even when you eat. Well I had it on for like 3 hours with food and drinks. Removal is easy but it leaves a stain behind.


It has a vanilla smell which I totally love.

So let's look at all the pros and cons then :


1. Love the packaging.
2. The colour is to die for.
3. Very little product is needed.
4. Pigmentation is great.
5. Application is easy.
6. Love the formula.
7. Staying power is superb.
8. The vanilla smell is awesome.


1. Not easily available in India.
2. Long wait and huge custom charges.
3. Gets patchy on more application.

Review Of Spice Lipkit by Kylie CosmeticsReview Of Spice Lipkit by Kylie Cosmetics

Will I Buy Again?

Of course. But maybe when I travel to the US or when someone is flying down. Can't wait for two long months again. Really.

So that's all. I hope you found this post useful.

Sumelika ♥

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