My Envy Box May 2017 : Unboxing And Review

May 23, 2017

My love for monthly beauty subscription boxes is quite evident by now. So, here I am today, with another unboxing and review post and this time it's the My Envy Box May 2017 edition. After receiving my first beauty box last month I was so happy with the products, I really wanted to try the upcoming boxes too. So when I found the May beauty box in my mail, I was on top of the world. I definitely love surprises like this. So let's see what is this months's box all about.

My Envy Box May 2017 : Unboxing And Review

May Beauty Box

So the theme of this month is Sip Of Summer. And true to it's the name, the box as well as the products inside it, give you all kinds of summer feels. The box is in a light green colour with water melon print on it which looks like it has been painted with water colour. There are a total of 6 products and all of them are beauty products. Since summer is all about taking care of your skin and hair and makeup hardly stays when you have a long day outside, I think keeping all kinds of beauty products is a great idea.

My Envy Box May 2017 : Unboxing And Review

So, let's see the products now.

1. The Nature's Co. - Mango Crème Body Wash

The delicious and pulpy mango crème body wash is rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, which makes your skin healthy and younger. It helps in regenerating skin cells, maintain it's elasticity as well as protects your skin from sun.

My Envy Box May 2017 : Unboxing And Review

I am a big fan of body washes and shower gels. Even though I prefer shower gels for summer, I would any day use a body wash because even during summer, dehydration and drying of skin is common. And if you a regular reader you would very well know I have really dry skin. The body wash smells great. And since I am a mango lover, I can't wait to give it a try. 

It is a deluxe size product of 175ml and the price is Rs. 695/-. 
The price for full sized product of 250ml is Rs. 995/- .

2. Cheryl's Dermashade Sunblock SPF 30

Cheryl's Dermashade Sunblock uses active herbal extracts which offers you a complete sun protection.

My Envy Box May 2017 : Unboxing And Review

Another summer essential is a sunblock. Well you should use a sunblock throughout the year but in summer I just can't think of a day without a sunblock. 
This smells just like any other sunblock out there in the market which is great. Even though I already have a lot of sun blocks I have never tried anything from this brand before so I am surely going to give this a try.

It's a full size product of 50gms worth Rs. 550/- .

3. Grecobe - Green Coffee

Grebe green coffee has strong anti-oxidant properties. As the brand says, this has an anti-diabetic effect as it can reduce blood sugar level. Also it has an anti-obesity effect.

My Envy Box May 2017 : Unboxing And Review

I am not a coffee person anymore. It was hard to give up so I would not give this a try. But this sounds great so I would give this to a friend or a family member who would want to try this.
In the box: 5 sachets - Rs. 70/- .
Full size: 30 sachets - Rs. 540/-.

4. Fuschia - Herbal Fusion Shampoo

Fuschia herbal shampoo has been developed to combat problems of hair loss and dryness. The 9 herbs it's enriched with, makes sure it provides adequate hair nutrition while cleansing the scalp and conditions it with natural follicle stimulation and prevents thinning of hair and baldness.

My Envy Box May 2017 : Unboxing And Review

The thing I love the most about this shampoo is that it is a natural handmade shampoo. But I did not like the smell of the shampoo though. But if it works great then I don't have any problem with the smell. So I am excited to give this a try, also because this is my first handmade shampoo.
It is a full size product of 100ml worth Rs. 450/-.

5. L'occitane

There are 3 sample size products from L'occitan.
1 sachet (3ml) of Shea Butter Hand Cream - Rs. 96/-.
Full size: 30ml - Rs. 720/-.

2 sachets (1.5ml each) of Reine Blanche Illuminating Cream and Serum - Rs. 95/- each.
Full size of the cream: 50ml - Rs. 4590/-.
Full size of the serum: 30ml - Rs. 4590/-.

My Envy Box May 2017 : Unboxing And Review

All the three products are for one time use. The thing is you would never understand how a product like a serum or an illuminating cream works on you if you do not at least use them for a week. So I wish they had sent one product only but the quantity was more.

Omorfee - Mellow Drizzle Skin Toner

This toner is enriched with lavender, sour honey and rose to toner and soothe your skin.

My Envy Box May 2017 : Unboxing And Review

I make sure I follow the cleanse, tone, moisturise routine everyday. So I am really very excited to include this in my routine and see how it works on my skin.
In the box: 4ml vial (2 of them) - Rs 32/- each.
Full size: 100ml - Rs 799/- .

So, that's all I have got in my May Beauty Box. If you loved these products, you can get your own My Envy Box May 2017 edition at their official website (Click here).

So, that's all. Do let me know if you want more such unboxing and review posts on my blog.

Sumelika ♥

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  1. I have never tried the my envy box but this edition is quite good...Would love to try it.. :) :)

  2. Could you take a pic of the consistency of the Sunblock? AS mine seems to look/smell like spoilt curd!

    1. Hi,
      It does have a consistency like spoilt curd but I couldn't find any significant smell. It has a regular smell to it.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.