Gillette Venus Breeze Review

June 28, 2017

Shaving is the most convenient, painless, hassle free method of hair removal. And to make the experience even better Gillette Venus has introduced Breeze, the new razor on the block which is a total game changer.

Gillette Venus Breeze Review

About The Gillette Venus Breeze

Gillette Venus Breeze Review

The new Venus Breeze is especially designed to enhance the overall hair removal experience, keeping in mind the evolved beauty needs of every woman. It is a 2-in-1 razor equipped with water activated moisture gel bars and formulated with body butters; Olive, Avocado, Kokum along with glycerin to provide one stroke smoothness while retaining the skin moisture. The process gives out a fresh tropical fragrance (Freesia) since the gel bars are created with refreshing fruity top notes, blended with radiant floral accords of sheer roses, all supported by a beautiful musky base note.


The Gillette Venus Breeze comes at a price of Rs. 299 with the 2-blade pack at Rs. 350.


Gillette Venus Breeze Review

- Spring-mounted blades with telomer coating.
- Moisture gel bars with body butter and glycerine.
- Built-in razor cushion.
- Moving, rounded shaving head.
- With shower storage for blades.

My Experience With Gillette Venus Breeze

The packaging is beautiful. It comes in a plastic box with lavender floral print on the front. The box contains one razor and one cartridge. The cartridge comes in a separate small box which can be used as a cap for storage. The razor is a beautiful lavender wand with a rubber coating for a sturdy grip.  It has a clip section where you have to attach the cartridge. The flexible head makes shaving a curvy areas an easy process.

Gillette Venus Breeze Review

You don't need to use a shaving cream since it already has two gel bars on the cartridge on the upper and lower side.
All you need to do is wet the razor and glide it smoothly on your skin.

Gillette Venus Breeze Review

The shaving gel bars have a beautiful floral smell and it rinses off easily once you use it. However, it doesn't create enough lather. Since, my skin is more or less hairless, it is not a problem for me. I generally use a razor for my underarms and this razor is perfect for the job. 
The blades work very smoothly and quickly without giving any cuts. One stroke is enough. It completely removes all the hair. The performance is great.
The two moisturiser bars just above the blades hydrate the skin and it doesn't feel dry after shaving.
The cartridge can be used as long as the gel bars last after which you need to change it.

Gillette Venus Breeze Review

Overall, I am very happy with this product and would recommend this to everyone who loves a painless, quick, effective hair removal process.

Sumelika ♥

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