Busting Shaving Myths Ft. Gillette Venus

July 21, 2017

Shaving is surely the quickest, hassle-free, safest, painless hair removal method. But most of us do not opt for shaving because of the various myths associated with it. So here I am bursting the common shaving myths.

Busting Shaving Myths Ft. Gillette Venus

1. Shaving makes your hair growth faster, thicker and darker

Shaving has nothing to do with your hair growth. It totally depends on your genes. The reason it seems comparatively faster than methods like waxing is because in waxing the hair is uprooted from it's root whereas in shaving the root of the hair stays in the follicle. Also, since the root is always the thickest, when the hair starts growing, we see the root first and assume shaving has made the hair thick but as the hair keeps growing it goes back to the original texture.

2. Shaving gives you nicks and cuts

Razors don't give you nicks and cuts. If you are getting nicks and cuts it's probably because your method of shaving is wrong. Never apply too much pressure. Always lubricate your skin before shaving. The Gillette Venus Breeze gives you a close shave without applying much pressure.

3. Shaving causes skin pigmentation 

Shaving doesn't cause pigmentation. It in fact removes the dead cells from your skin and exfoliates it. If there's still pigmentation it's probably because of the chemicals that you have in your deodorants.

4. Shaving makes skin dry, itchy and causes rashes

Shaving does not make your skin dry, lack of moisturization does. It's very important to keep your skin moisturised all the time. Also, do not use old and blunt blades.

5. Shaving everyday is bad for your skin

It is perfectly okay to shave everyday if you are comfortable with it. It fact, as I said it will exfoliate your skin and make it soft and smooth.

So that's some of the most common myths that we come across. I hope this post was useful. Do comment if you have any questions. I would be more than happy to answer that.

Sumelika ♥

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