Love At First Sight : New York

October 25, 2017

Two feelings are very special, love at first sight and the first time in New York. For me both the feelings merged into one. I was always in love with New York and I knew once I see it for myself, the feeling will be even stronger. Just like so many other people, NYC is my dream city too. So, when our month long family trip across parts of USA, Canada and Bahamas was confirmed, I was on cloud nine. Even though my stay at NYC was not long enough to explore the city to the fullest, I was ready to take a small bite of the big apple and trust me it has only left me asking for more.

I definitely made some amazing memories, memories that I will cherish forever, memories that will keep calling me back to my dream city. So, here I am, sharing them with you all.

#1 The first one has to be the first time I looked out of the JFK airport. Even though it was Queens, the yellow cabs, the busy roads with even busier people gave me a glimpse how it is going to be in NYC.

#2 It takes around 45 minutes to reach Manhattan from the airport, but thanks to the huge traffic jam, it took us almost 4 hours. We had a plan to watch the sun set from the Empire State building that day but because of the traffic, we ended up watching the sun set over the cityscape from a flyover which surprisingly was beautiful too.

#3 As soon as we reached the hotel, we went out to see the Times square. 21 hours of flight. Jet lag was at it's peak. You could completely see we all looked sleep deprived. But that didn't stop us. It was
a 5 minute walk from our hotel. Times Square truly is the heart of the city. So much life in that one place. Only after I saw this place and pinched myself like 15 times I could believe I was actually in NYC.
On our way to Times Square

#4 Battery Park is definitely an underrated neighborhood in New York. If you are visiting New York and want to relax in a green space with a perfect view by the Hudson Bay, I would totally recommend this place.

#5 This one is probably the most touristy thing in New York but it was definitely very special to me. Yes, you guessed it right. Visiting the Liberty Island. As a child, the one thing I could identify America with was the Statue Of Liberty. I was definitely awestruck when I saw the copper statue. It was indeed very beautiful. Let me give you guys a little history in case you don't know it. So, as the name suggests, liberty means freedom. So, the statue of Liberty was a gift from the French people after America got it's independence on the 4th of July of 1776.

#6 Visiting the One World Observatory. One World Observatory is the tallest building in the entire Western Hemisphere. You go up to 102 floors and get an amazing view of the entire NYC. I actually felt like I am on top the world. I could see the Empire State building, Rockefeller Centre, The Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge, the Hudson river. The view was endless.

The view from top of One World Observatory
#7 Visiting the 9/11 memorial was a heartbreaking experience for me. Nearly 3000 people were killed in the 9/11/2001 and 2/26/1993 terrorist attacks. Their names are inscribed on the bronze parapets surrounding the twin memorial pool. As I read few of the names and touched the inscriptions, my heart felt really heavy. I couldn't stand there for long. This was a very sad moment but something I won't ever forget.

#8 Brooklyn Bridge always reminds me of the theme song from Kal Ho Naa Ho. Being a hardcore SRK fan, it was always my dream to take a picture with the Brooklyn Bridge. So yeah, this one was surely a memorable moment for me.

#9 Visiting the Rockefeller Center. Also known as the city within a city, Rockefeller Center is the symbol of midtown Manhattan. You can find corporate headquarters, offices, television studios, theaters, shops, restaurants and even world's finest architecture. The Channel Gardens in between the 49th and 50th streets stole my heart. It was so beautiful with such colorful flowers. The sunken plaza in front is the famous ice skating rink in the winter that you can see in a lot of famous movies. Isn't it amazing?

Can you guess any movie that was shot here?

#10 Lastly, taking an evening walk in the Central Park. Do I even need to explain this? Just when you think New York is all about skyscrapers and busy crowd, you come across this 843 acre park and your idea about NYC changes.

So, that's almost all the memories I can currently think of. When I was there I had so much to share but after I have come back I feel like I don't have enough words to put all the feelings together. I have been so out of touch with writing lately. But anyway, I am getting back to my flow again and can't wait to share more of my travel stories with you. So stay tuned.

Sumelika ♥

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